Eco-Friendly Innovations: How CenturyPly's SPB and WPC Contribute to Green Building Practices
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Eco-Friendly Innovations: How CenturyPly's SPB and WPC Contribute to Green Building Practices

In building practices, selecting the best materials is crucial to integrate durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Of all the available materials, WPC and SPB boards are highly preferred by builders and homemakers because of their versatility and exceptional properties. These materials are highly innovative in revolutionising interior spaces, offering multiple benefits in the construction industry.

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What are WPC and SPB Boards?

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) and Solid Polymer Boards (SPB) are materials that have been widely popular in the construction industry, specifically for interior architecture. SPB boards are made from polyvinyl chloride and are well-recognized for their waterproof, easy maintenance, and outstanding durability features. These boards can be used to replicate the wooden appearance or other natural materials without inheriting their drawbacks, such as termite attacks, rot, and moisture.

On the other hand, WPC boards are crafted with flour or wood fibres combined with thermoplastics. This combination results in a resilient and strong material with a wooden appearance.

Both WPC and SPB boards come with exceptional termite-proof and moisture-resistant features and can be installed and maintained easily. The versatility of these materials allows the designers to get multiple designs, making them a perfect option for ceiling design, furniture, wall cladding, and other interior projects. In addition, the cost-effective, durable, and eco-friendly properties make them highly attractive for sustainable design practices.

CenturyPly's SPB and WPC Contribution to Green Building Practices

Some of the environmental benefits of WPC and SPB boards that contribute to green building practices are as follows:

Longevity and Durability

Both WPC and SPB provide longevity, strength, and durability as compared to the other materials. By choosing the best quality materials from CenturyPly, you get a great return on investment. CenturyPly builds WPC and SPB boards that are incorporated with technologies such as 100% water resistant, fire retardant, 100% termite, and waterproof. These qualities make your interiors strong and stable for a long time and require less replacement, eventually resulting in green practices.

Reduce Deforestation

By utilising WPC and SPB boards for your building requirements, you help preserve forests. This is so because wooden fibres are used to create these boards, and they are achievable from sustainable sources, eliminating the need for wood from forests.

Recycled Materials

In the production process of WPC and SPB boards, no new plastic usage or production is needed. These boards are completely crafted from recycled plastic, eventually helping to promote eco-friendly material generation for home interiors.

Energy Efficient

SPB and WPC boards are built with low melting temperatures that result in lesser utilisation of energy. It ensures that energy is saved in comparison to other conventional materials, such as concrete and steel. Moreover, there’s also a low carbon footprint, making it an optimal choice for sustainable home renovations and building practices.

Benefits of WPC and SPB Boards

Some of the amazing benefits offered by WPC and SPB boards include:

SPB Boards

  • CenturyPly SPB boards provide an expandable range of finishes and textures to align with various styles and create visually appealing interiors.

  • These boards are termite and moisture-proof, which ensures low maintenance and long-lasting solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces.

  • They are extremely lightweight in nature, which makes the installation process hassle-free, allowing effortless upkeep and cleaning of its smooth surface.

  • From functional furniture to amazing wall cladding, these boards can be used in different interior spaces to enhance the ambience.

  • As these boards are made from SPB, they reduce the demand for wood, making them a sustainable choice for building practices.

WPC boards

  • WPC boards are available in a variety of colours, textures, and designs, letting you create stylish interiors that align with your taste and style.

  • WPC boards mimic the natural wood appearance, offering the elegance of the wood aesthetic.

  • These boards need very little maintenance and are easy to clean, reducing the overall cost in time.

  • As they’re made by combining thermoplastics and wood fibres, they are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice, promoting green practices for a healthy environment.


WPC and SPB boards are currently game changers for interior architecture. They come with exceptional properties, durability, and versatility that have pushed architects and designers to create limitless opportunities for creativity, along with offering low maintenance, stunning spaces, and durability to the client. With the advancement in technology and rise in sustainable practices, WPC and SPB boards stand as a preferable option for interior designing and other construction requirements.

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