Stylish Home Upgrades with Lucida Laminates
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Stylish Home Upgrades with Lucida Laminates

Do you have a hard time thinking about bringing out changes to your household for a stylish outlook? Meet Lucida Laminates, your ultimate solution to get a fascinating appeal for your interior setting. These are incredible choices for those searching for strong, adaptable, and trendy materials for remodelling and upgrading projects. Lucida laminates, made using cutting-edge lamination technology, are premium-quality protective sheets that provide a modern and durable surface for your interior space. 

Still unsure whether to invest in Lucida laminates? No worries, let’s discuss how Lucida laminates can help you attain the desired upgrades in your household.

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How to Create Mesmerising Home Upgrades Using Lucida Laminates

Lucida laminates provide a versatile and stylish option for upgrading your home. Here are some ways to incorporate Lucida laminates into your home design-

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen, an integral aspect of homes, deserves nothing but the best. Lucida laminates are the top selection for your kitchen decor, including countertops and cabinets. These possess a waterproof nature, which ensures that spills and splashes do not harm your kitchen's aesthetics. You get to choose from various colours and textures to suit your kitchen’s style. Lucida laminates come in different designs, including classic wood finishes and modern elegant patterns; pick your favourite one that complements the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Living Rooms

There’s no denying the fact that the most lasting memories are made with your family members in your living room. To make more special moments, consider investing in Lucida laminates. They help create your desired elegant entertainment units, coffee tables, and wall panels. You can customise your living space by getting Lucida lamination for your walls. They fulfil all the criteria for stunning, long-lasting, low-maintenance living rooms.


Lucida Laminates allows you the opportunity to transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis. You can utilise these durable laminates to give a unique look to your wardrobes, a stylish twist to dressing tables, your accent items, etc. Their reliable properties ensure your furnishings remain pristine for years to come.  


Lucida laminates can also be employed to give an ultimate makeover to your interior doors. Choose from various finishes and styles to match your home's decor and create a cohesive and consistent look throughout your space. Installing these laminations will make everyone wonder about the fine finish on your doors.

Shelves and Storage

Don’t forget about tour storage units! Customise tour shelves using Lucida laminates for a functional and stylish solution. One of the best advantages of getting laminates for your cabinets and shelves is the ease of cleaning. They possess the property of resistance to stains, which means no scrubbing or deep cleaning is required. Also, Laminate cabinets are much more durable than traditional wood storage units. Laminate is less likely to warp or rot, which is a big concern when talking about solid wood. 

Why Choose Lucida Laminates For Your Household?

With so many available options, the question arises as to why you should opt for lucida laminates. So let’s discover what makes them the ultimate choice among homeowners and professional interior designers- 

Highly Durable

Lucida laminates are designed to last for a longer time than the usual laminates you get in the market. They are a much more reliable option than other materials as they can easily resist wear and tear. These can also be installed even in areas with high humidity.


Lucida Laminations are suitable for limitless applications. There is no full stop to where these can’t be utilised. You can find something for every need, as it is available in several hues, designs and textures.

Abrasion and Stain Resistant

These laminates are abrasion-resistant, meaning they can easily survive the wear and tear caused by rubbing, friction, or scraping over time. Also, they are stain-resistant, which means they can resist the absorption of liquids or substances that can cause discolouration or staining.


Were you looking to refresh your home? Lucida Laminates by CenturyPly are here to help you achieve a stylish makeover. With a wide range of textures and finishes, you can create spaces that are calming or bold, classic or modern. 

Lucida offers more than just good looks - they're easy to clean and budget-friendly. They utilise Virokill technology to make your house virus-free, with a beautiful appeal that helps inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria on the laminate surface, contributing to safer and cleaner surroundings. Their elegant designs will enhance your living spaces, and their high quality means they'll stay looking great for years. 

Choose Lucida Laminates by CenturyPly - for stunning style and lasting quality that will make you love your home even more.

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