Clean your kitchen in just a single swipe!
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Clean your kitchen in just a single swipe!

Worried about the liquids and wet waste ruining your beautiful countertops and cabinets in your kitchen? If your kitchen cleaning worries are keeping you from picking alluring interiors, we’re here to solve all your decor problems!

Your kitchen is not just a space to prepare food but a sanctuary for you to cook good meals in. After a long day at work, who doesn’t want to play soothing music while you cook yourself a tasty dinner? Be it seeing your parents cook when you were younger or preparing your spouse’s favourite dish to surprise them with, a lot of memories of your life are made in kitchens. Decorating your kitchen is as important as your living room and bedrooms. The scope for kitchen interior designs is huge and a lot of trends exist in the same. Kitchens are an essential part of interior decor and people opt to give their kitchens equal importance while picking their overall theme. For all your kitchen needs, we have the perfect solution for your furnishing - Lucida by CenturyLaminates. Give your kitchen the style and system it deserves with our top quality laminates.

 Lucida is our best in class high gloss laminate, designed to give your kitchen the shine and protection it deserves. Not only is it sturdy and easy to use but is equally stylish and the right choice for good interior decor lovers. With a mirror-like finish you’ll be left looking at yourself every time you pass by. Lucida is available in multiple solid colour variants and wood grains giving you the choice to pick every detail about your plywood furnishings. Additionally, your stylish laminates live longer as they are resistant to Xenon arc light which diminishes the colour.

To meet your design and durability needs, we have incorporated the best technology to manufacture Lucida. It is made to be scuff resistant and abrasion resistant to reduce the damage caused by constant movement, touching, scrubbing and all the cooking activity that takes place in your kitchen. With the constant activity that goes on, keeping your countertops, tables and cabinets tidy can become a task. Cleaning is made super easy with a single swipe when your plywood is laminated with Lucida. The high gloss surface makes your kitchen look brighter, tidier and saves all the time you spend on keeping your kitchen clean. As compared to other high gloss laminates, Lucida shows a better stain resistance. Wet waste, dirt, food items being spilled, liquids, moisture and heat will all be behind you when it comes to maintaining a beautiful kitchen. Lucida is heat resistant and can withstand a temperature of 180°C as per BIS norms making it the right choice for your kitchen. Integrated with Mar resistance, lab results show 90% gloss retention even after being scrubbed with calibrase as per procedures.

A concern on laminates in a kitchen can be the safety of it. Well, our laminates are designed to please the customers and making it a safe option for every use is our aim. These laminates are super safe to be used in kitchens as they are non-toxic and non-porous. An added safety measure, a special top layer along with the build comes with high resistance to impact and protects the surface from falling objects. The list keeps on continuing and your choices remain a great kitchen. 

So, what’s stopping you from getting yourself a beautiful kitchen you can clean in a single swipe? Enquire now -

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