Shun the virus attack on your furniture
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Shun the virus attack on your furniture

If there is anything permanent in our house after walls, it is our furniture, especially the bulky ones like wardrobes, cabinets and others. That means, the furniture is an important component that helps in completing our house and giving it a particular interior appeal. It basically signifies our taste & also portrays the choices we make in life. For instance, a home that uses a premium wood for its furniture tells that the homeowner is classy and likes to flaunt the best of their wealth. If the furniture is delaminated or sawed by the worms, it shows that in general, how careless the owner is in their life too and that the living is basically constrained to hedonistic activities.

Similar is the case about how wary we are to keep our environment germ free. Some ignorant people may think that these microbes are too small in size to be thought about, whereas, seeing the current pandemic situation, some wise people take special care to shun the virus attack on their immediate environment.

This blog is to inform both of them on how easily they can keep their environment virus-free without any hassle and how they can make their safeguard foolproof respectively.

Introducing CenturyPly ViroKill Technology:

The ViroKill technology is a scientific solution that can not only protect your furniture from the virus, but also make them a fighter in the face of various viruses and other microbes. With this technology embedded within your furniture, your furniture not only repels the viruses, but also makes it capable enough to kill the virus so that it does not harm your health. 

How does it do that?

The moment any virus comes in contact with your antiviral furniture, the ViroKill layering ruptures the cell organelle of the virus. After a few hours, the virus is killed as its cell is damaged and cannot sustain itself.

How safe is this ViroKill treatment?

While we are looking to keep your environment virus free, we surely don’t intend to harm you with any chemical exposure. Thus, CenturyPly research and development came up with a nano engineered technology, where the nanoparticles with antiviral properties are embedded in the polymer matrix of the plywood.

Also, the ViroKill technology is thermostable. Any radiation from the sunlight or the moisture condition of the atmosphere does not change the chemical neutrality of the furniture. Thus, the ViroKill technology is an all-weather safe technology for your furniture. 

How long does this technology work?

The ViroKill technology by CenturyPly is a lifetime technology that stays as long as your furniture stays in safe and sound condition.

In conclusion, ViroKill is a good deal to offer you a comprehensive safety from any kind of germ. Read about the certifications and other properties of ViroKill at:

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