A Makeover With Handmade Wooden Sofa Designs
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A Makeover With Handmade Wooden Sofa Designs

Human beings are creative creatures. Show them a box and they will create patterns and shapes out of it. This is the very reason that we move beyond the geometric wooden furniture to intricately create a marvel under the name of the sofa.

And why not? After all, a sofa completes the living room with its finest touch that was so far just a walled room with blocks here and there. Not only this, a sofa is actually the most required furniture of the living room, given the fact that it is not practically possible to sit on the TV panel!

Jokes apart! Let us crack some awesome looks for your living room with the finest trends of today.

1. The Artistic Antiques: 

‘Old is gold’ isn’t just a saying. Even today, most of us prefer sofas that have that classic vintage look from the 20th century. With the retro fashion returning, vintage decor casts a perfect oxymoron of being the trend of modern times.

2. The Tuscany Turf: 

Known for its decor and everything panache, Italy has given its own style statement with its sofas too. Intricately designed, polished and a classic yet subtle look defines the famous Tuscany sofa sets.

Unlike other popular designs, the Tuscanians like to keep it a little lighter on the showing of wood and yet, the wood that is being displayed, even less, says it all.

3. The Balcony Bench: 

With the younger minds brainstorming on making the balconies cosier than usual, there popped up the new utility requirement for the sofa fraternity. But these ‘outsiders’ are not the same as those that are placed majestically in the centre of your living rooms.

These are more like a corner shy guy that is fully capable of giving you the ‘me time’ that you always miss on the centre sofas of your living room.

Inspiration = Check; What’s next?

Now that you know which one is your pick, or for that matter, all are your picks, let us enlighten you with the material that is going to be perfect in this creative journey of sofa making!

Without much ado, let us give you the apt solution for either of the sofas you liked: CenturyPly Plywood.

Plywood is a perfect material for making a sofa for the following reasons:

1. Lightweight

2. Easily cut into any shape

3. Easily carved for intricate patterns

4. Durable and strong material for a long-lasting sofa set

5. Affordable even with an ocean of benefits

Plywood is good. Understood. But why CenturyPly?

‘Touch wood’, CenturyPly makes something as common as plywood to be special with its innovative solutions that have problem-solving capabilities.

Take, for instance, your balcony sofa. Will that bench be capable of averting the rain that can disintegrate it? Or is the sofa in your living room free of germs?

Thus, with the durability concerns, CenturyPly came up with various technologies that make the plywood to make them waterproof, borer and termite-proof, fire-retardant and even germ-free.

Know more about these technological disruptions brought by CenturyPly for human benefits at: https://www.centuryply.com/

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