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Scan. Authenticate. Adapt.

The world is rapidly evolving and we’re keeping our services dynamic enough to cope with it! With the given changes on the scope of digitalising, lives have become easier and convenient. You can find answers to your questions on your phone or connect with a friend halfway across the world. When knowledge and resources lie at the tip of your fingertips, why not the power to verify the genuinity of the products you’re buying?

The market today in development requires a ton of processed wood and plywood. Construction, furnishing and decorating houses, office spaces, schools and public places - everything involves plywood. We see it in doors, windows, tables, storage spaces, chairs and benches and other wooden articles lying around the house. Buying good quality plywood protects you against dust, damage and decaying. Fake products can actually have a negative impact and can cause health problems, spoil other articles in the house, can leave imprints on your walls and floor and can be a huge loss of money. For those who don’t deal with plywood or wooden products on a regular basis, it is not easy to check the genuinity of the purchase. To protect our customers against counterfeit products, we’re here to help.

CenturyPly is a promise against duplicate plywood. To tackle the problem of fake products being sold, we have designed a first of its kind mobile application - The CenturyPromise App.

CenturyPly is India’s leading manufacturer of plywood and with the name comes the responsibility to deliver. We are always designing newer technologies and updating our products to keep up with the fast moving world. To deliver our promise on genuine products, we go above and beyond. It is possible that one might encounter fake products while purchasing plywood and to beat this problem, our easy to use mobile application comes in handy.

So, What Is This App?

A software application you can download on your phone, CenturyPromise App is your helper for finding out the genuinity of your product. 

How Does The App Work?

CenturyPromise is an easy to use application. From people buying plywood for DIY art to those using it in heavy construction alike, everyone can now be equipped with a safety check. Once you download the app, you will have to login or sign up for it. Then it is 3 simple steps -

-      Scan : The app comes with an inbuilt scanner. All original products of Centuryply come with a QR Code. Scan this code from the app.

-      Authenticate : The QR code scanner can differentiate original from counterfeits. It will let you know if your plywood is our product with a “CenturyPly genuine product” comment.

-      Adapt : The QR code not only verifies the genuinity of the product but also states the specifications and product details. It also comes with an e-warranty that can be downloaded. 

Even if you are unable to scan the code, you can always manually enter the QR number and follow the same process to check your purchase. 

Centuryply takes pride in going the extra mile to deliver on our promise - “Raho befikar” . To equip you with plywood that provides value to money and ensures safety and durability, we are doing our best everyday. With 3 simple steps, you can now beat the odds of buying fake products.


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