Say Yes to Safety Today with Firewall Plywood
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Say Yes to Safety Today with Firewall Plywood

"Fireproof does not mean a fire will never come, but that when it does, you will be able to withstand it".

While you might have been extremely careful in taking every measure to avoid fire hazards at your house, it goes without saying that the risk is ever-present. The kitchen is the most precarious part of the house in terms of the likelihood of a fire hazard. Religious activities too involve the use of fire. Quite often, it is also the only solution to power cuts. Whatever the reason, make your home a haven today, only with fire retardant plywood.

Fireproof plywood is an essential material in constructing a safe home. It shows your dedication towards responsible construction for the benefit of you and your family, while also adhering to specific building codes. Keeping your best interests in mind, we bring to you Firewall from CenturyPly. This excellent fire-retardant plywood will be your first line of defence against any fire that breaks out. Protect your homes with this fire retardant ply that won't let fires multiply.

Your Wonderwall Firewall

The firewall uses nano-engineered particles for enhanced fire resistance. Being chemically treated with non-leachable substances, fire thinks twice before it reacts with the wood. Even when this resilient ply comes in contact, the fire does not spread uniformly, giving you plenty of time to put it out or call the fire services.

It's Going to Be a Slow Burn

This ply comes with CenturyPly guarantee of the ability to burn slowly, taking about half an hour for the flame to spread across. The flame penetration is even harder as it takes close to an hour to reach the core of the plywood. Fires are known to be lawless and violent but think of Firewall as chaperones of shenanigans, slowing down the unruliness.


Smoking Was Never Cool

Firewall plywood is specially designed to take care of you and your loved ones. Not only does it have low flammability, but it also generates less smoke and emits more moderate levels of toxic gases. You might want to get these soon, especially if your loved ones suffer from breathing-related illnesses. Thanks to the ply's low absorption of moisture and its fire-retardant chemicals, you can be confident that you're in safe hands.

Looks Hot but Not Bothered

If you think that aesthetics and practicality never go hand in hand, think again. A firewall is made of hard plywood, which means it contains a lot more grains than others. Yes, it is different from the softer varieties, but the hardwood is what makes your ply looks so good; so good, that they'll be a subject of envy for your neighbours.


Say yes to safety and make an active choice to install Firewall Ply in your homes. Keep your families warm and prevent any unexpected hassles. Get the best of affordability and durability with CenturyPly. Its unmatched strength and eye-catching appearances will complement modern, urban living. Make a smart and safe choice today!

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