Flush doors that ensure safety
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Flush doors that ensure safety

Remember those basic sceneries that we used to make in our school days?

The interspersed huts that we made, just had a door that indicated it to be a house. Quite synonymously, in the real world too, doors are of utmost importance, be it in the cluttered cities or a secluded scenic setting as in our drawings.

The doors are the semi-permeable membranes that are supposed to let the inmates of a place toenter while putting a strong resistance to those who try to trespass. So are your doors strong enough to offer resistance to the unwanted intruders to your house?

As much as we know that every house has a door to it, we would really like you to rethink the potential of your existing door. And also, consider replacing it with the strongest of all - Flush doors by CenturyDoors.


Why choose flush doors?

Although you do have a lot of options when it comes to doors, here is why you should opt for flush doors at all:

1. A flush door is made up of a single solid wood piece that ensures its greater strength in comparison to a panel door that is made of different panels combined to make one door.

2. Made from a single wood piece does not mean that the flush door can’t be carved or embellished with beautiful designs. It can very well be carved with different patterns to give any shape or design of your choice.

3. Flush doors are somewhat more popularly sold as bare, meaning they are not finished, varnished, painted. This gives you greater flexibility to laminate it or paint it as per the interior of your house.

4. Being raw forms of doors, the flush doors are also more affordable than the ready to use panel doors that come with face skins covering the panels.

Why choose flush doors from CenturyDoors?

The flush doors by CenturyDoors are even better than any other flush doors that you see in the market. Here are some of over the top cherries that make Century flush doors a preferable choice:

1. Each and every layer is made termite proof: From stiles, rails, core to the face, every layer of flush doors by CenturyDoors is chemically treated to make them termite-proof. Whereas, the local players merely dip the finished door in the termite proof chemical giving it termite safety at a surface level only.

2. Durability on point: Instead of directly pasting the face on the door frame that has been filled with solid wood fills, the flush doors by CenturyDoors add an additional layer, that is, the core which is made up of a veneer layer. This has two benefits. It adds durability to the door and since it is veneer, it also gives a smoother surface to the flush door.

3. Kiln Seasoning:.Local players usually depend on Air seasoning to reduce the moisture content in the timber to be used for the construction of Flush Doors, and hence are often not able to control the rate of drying. If not dried properly, the resulting timber that is used in the construction of the door can become brittle and be infested with bacteria and viruses. 

Century Doors use Kiln Seasoning in addition to Air Drying. Kiln Seasoning refers to the process of gradually drying the timber, in a controlled environment within chambers. The Kiln Seasoning thus helps in gradual reduction of moisture content in the timber and keeps the molecular structure of the same intact, thus ensuring it remains strong and is durable.

Thus, if you are looking for a strong door for your home, choose flush doors from CenturyDoors - https://www.centuryply.com/centurydoors?cp_cat=flush-doors


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