Sainik 710 Plywood Solutions for Compact Homes
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Sainik 710 Plywood Solutions for Compact Homes

In the plywood market that swears by the sturdiness of its plywood, CenturyPly brings to the authentic dimensionally stable SAINIK 710. Your dream home should be blessed with Sainik 710, sourced from eco-friendly premium timber. If you are coping with the unpredictability of the weather, it can be tiresome, but not anymore, as SAINIK 710 assures high resistance to varying climatic conditions. The unmatched features of SAINIK 710 make it a go-to choice for plywood for your near and dear pieces of furniture. 

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Revealing the Remarkable Features of SAINIK 710

CenturyPly has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to plywood. Sainik 710 is the leading game-changer in this whole scenario. It is the perfect bundle of technologies that you are looking for in a good, high-end, yet affordable plywood. 

  • The One of its Kind 710 Technology

CenturyPly has a wide range of products in the IS710 range. This plywood offers boiling waterproof technology, thus rendering your furniture secure. For almost all decades, plywood has been extensively used in most interior spaces because of its sturdy nature and durability. 

Water has been the biggest foe for the furniture as it seeps into the multiple layers and causes long-term damage to the plywood. Water damages the structural integrity of the plywood and, thus, causes it to split apart. Steam, in turn, tends to cause more damage than standstill water. The boiling water technology is a pathbreaker as it makes the plywood stable against prolonged exposure to moisture. 

Sainik 710 has the BWP (Boiling Water Proof Technology) incorporated, making it suitable for marine-grade use and also in kitchens and bathrooms. Sainik710 is also bonded with modified PF resin, which is attributed to its waterproof characteristic. This plywood, on exposure to boiling water for about 72 hours, does not delaminate or peel off. Sainik 710 does not claim water resistance but rather promises waterproofing.

  • Provides Borer and Termite Protection

Borers and termites pose a real threat to the quality and longevity of the plywood. CenturyPly swears by the quality of its plywood and focuses on providing top-of-the-line plywood to its customers. Sainik 710 uses special Glue Line Protection that not only evades borer and termite attacks but also destroys them. 

Treated with chemicals that repel these wood-eating pests, the borer and termite-proof plywood is inhospitable to them. With such an exquisite level of protection, the Sainik 710 also comes with a warranty of 8 years. You need not worry about the aesthetics of your dear furniture or interior spaces at all with Sainik 710. 

  • Affordability

CenturyPly ensures all these great advantages do not come with a hefty price. Sainik 710 is the only plywood that is priced uniformly throughout the country. CenturyPly delivers this top-tier range of plywood at an affordable price of INR 109/unit, including taxes. The One Nation, One Price strategy employed by CenturyPly allows you to enjoy good quality plywood without worrying about where you live. 


Investing in CenturyPly Sainik 710 is a strategic choice to give a touch of elegance and robustness to your home. You get to enjoy a plethora of benefits without burning a hole through your pocket. Now that you are aware of the benefits of Sainik 710, you do not have to compromise quality over aesthetics. Sainik 710 has the CenturyPromise QR embedded, keeping trusted professionals one click away from you and protecting you from duplicate plywood.     

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