Revolutionise Your Office Facades With Exteria
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Revolutionise Your Office Facades With Exteria

However cliched it is, but ‘The first impression is definitely the last impression’. This saying doesn’t suit only an individual personality, but also to the first appeal of your office. With the architectural modernity sprawling in, the firm owners have started moving beyond both the era of industrial and IT revolution, casting away the factory-like structures and the monotonous high-rise buildings respectively.

Bringing in the renaissance to the design aspect of the office spaces, are the laminates that successfully make a particular office stand apart from those identical towers of the IT hubs. It has been an ongoing belief that an employee is as productive as her environment. So, going by this corollary, it can be said that if a workplace is creative enough for an employee, she will be happier to jump off the bed to go to her ‘appealing place’.

Fixing the ‘first impression’:

For a person, who just needs the right motivation to devote their life to work, a better outlook of the place they work for is inevitable. For this reason, the facades of the office buildings become of utmost importance.

So which laminates, will you suggest?

CenturyExteria Laminates are the all-rounder exterior laminates, that comprehensively serves all your demands, like a genie.

Don’t believe us?

Let us strike all your worries one by one with the long list of benefits that CenturyExteria Laminates offer to your offices.

Are laminates safe for the exteriors?

Although interior laminates are much popular, exterior laminates are yet to be accepted fully. However, CenturyExteria comes with innumerable qualities that technically bust all the myths around exterior laminates, especially when it is from a trusted brand like Century itself:

1. Weather protection: For as much as we know, there hasn’t been an invention of a raincoat that can cover the whole scraper and protect it. For this reason, CenturyPly decided to offer you the laminates that do not get damaged by any weather atrocities, especially rains. Exteria is also seepage-proof, so you can fully concentrate on your presentations without worrying about the spilling water over your exterior laminates.

CenturyPly Exteria jumps over the hedge to give you a high UV resistance. This makes Exteria a durable choice with no issue of damage for the long term.

2. Extended warranty period: Everything good doesn’t come with a warranty, but hey, Exteria does - that too with a warranty of 10 years. Yes, we just said a decade warranty! So, in case we fail on our deliverables, you know what to do!

However, be assured, we are not here to fail your expectations in us!

3. Minimal maintenance: We understand that you have a lot on your list when it comes to maintenance, including workstations, conferences, coffee machines and decorum, of course. Thus, we don’t want to burden you with more. Exteria is quite resistant to scratches, dents and wrinkles, giving you less pain in your already loaded list.

Now that we have convinced you to read the whole theory aspect, we want to exhibit our work visuals to you to give you a fair idea:

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