Did You Know that Our Plywood Can Retard Fires? Explore!
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Did You Know that Our Plywood Can Retard Fires? Explore!

Plywood is hands down the best construction material known to humankind. From building innovative furniture to marvel at and enhance the durability of those furniture, plywood has taken the furniture industry to a totally different ballgame. The improvements in technology have made plywood climb the stairs of problem-solving gradually. Today we get plywood that is completely waterproof and chemically treated against infestation. These developments won’t ever stop, especially with more and more people understanding the importance of using good quality and aesthetically pleasing instagrammable interiors.

Did You Know that Our Plywood Can Retard Fires? Explore!

Moving, in fact, running on the same lines of innovation, the house of CenturyPly now incorporates the revolutionary Firewall technology in some of its premium plywood. Presently Firewall Technology is integrated into Architect-Ply and Club Prime plywood. This incredible technology, developed after extensive research, involves the use of nano-engineered particles being embedded in the polymer matrix system of the plywood sheet. This further imparts fire-retardant properties to these premium plywood products.

Firewall technology has been recognised as the best in a class by Indian, American & British standards against factors such as flammability, flame penetration, smoke generation, and more. This revolutionary technology plays a key role in helping the country fight against fire-related accidents

Did You Know that Our Plywood Can Retard Fires? Explore!

Keep scrolling while you wonder how this far-fetched idea is now a reality for you to use:

- Fire accidents translate into devastating outcomes. And as they say, these incidents come uninvited and out of nowhere. In critical times like these, this plywood with Firewall Technology comes to your rescue in saving yourself, your home, office, and priceless treasures against the adversities of fire . The specially formulated nano-engineered particles delays the plywood from catching fire. Thereby stopping the fire to spread and destroy everything in its path.

- Another crucial thing is that the furniture made from plywood with Firewall Technology not only would retard fire but would also allow only minimal smoke to collect. Whereas furniture made using regular plywood would generate a lot of smoke, thus causing extreme suffocation, leading to severe tragedies. 

Did You Know that Our Plywood Can Retard Fires? Explore!

Having said that, Firewall Technology is fire-retardant and not fireproof. It has a low flammability rate, which means that it takes over 30 minutes for the flame to spread and start a sequence of ignitions in the surrounding surface material. This in no way implies that one should be careless in dealing with fire-causing objects like the gas stove, candles, open plugs, etc.

But in case of events turning out in an unfortunate manner, this technology gives one enough time to call for help and rescue themselves and treasures beyond their lives. Go for the wisest choice.

Click here to know more about the technology https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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