Questions to ask interior designers about Safety
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Questions to ask interior designers about Safety

Making a dream home is an experience of a lifetime for most people. And honestly, it's not an easy task. Finalizing details that are a reflection of you isn't a cakewalk. It is a lot more than just the size of the closet, color of the curtains, design of your kitchen. It is about safety as much as it is about aesthetics.

Thus, here are some tips on the most efficient way to hire an interior designer for your home renovation. Someone who understands the nitty-gritty of the designing process and would translate your language into beautiful spaces. Someone who is an expert and would help you enhance your lifestyle and save you from making errors that can't be undone easily.

So, as you move forward to create your own home, make sure to ask the right questions from your designer to make your experience pleasant and to get an incredible result. Keep reading below:

The Building Material Used

First and foremost, ask your interior designer about the building material they are opting for. The building material is the core of your home interiors. It's the root of your design, and thus it must be chosen very carefully. And they rightly say, strong roots fear no storms.

Considering this in mind, today, plywood is the most preferred material for interior designing. It is durable, versatile, antiviral, and now fire-retardant also. The humble material can be used to create every possible design and add life to every space in your home.

Safety from Fire-related Events:

Fire is no one's friend. It comes uninvited and is disastrous. Although there are fire-safety options that can be installed in your home, they are primarily expensive or have to be added additionally and don't usually go with aesthetics.

Keeping the customers' needs at the forefront, the house of CenturyPly has launched the revolutionary Firewall technology and succeeded in imparting fire-retardant properties in its wide range of premium plywood. In case of any unfortunate event, the plywood enriched with the Firewall technology helps delay the spread of fire and ease the evacuation process.

The fire-retardant plywood is the need of the hour. It ticks all the parameters of safety that one needs in a home. Moreover, with this plywood, you won't even have to compromise with the aesthetics of your dream home. This range of plywood is incredibly durable and completely waterproof too. You can use it in the kitchen and the bathroom spaces also.

Decorative Surfaces Used

Apart from this, ask your interior designer about the decorative surfaces they are planning to use for your bedroom and other spaces. CenturyPly has a range of beautiful antiviral laminates that can be used as the best decorative surfaces for your kid's room, kitchen, and essentially everywhere. Also, since firewall technology is not a surface treatment but is across the cross-section, you would not have to think twice about coating your furniture pieces. The fire-fighting properties still remain in use.

Wait no more! Ask your interior designer the right questions, and make your home foolproof with the revolutionary Firewall technology from CenturyPly. Read here to know more:

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