Creating The Illusion of Space Is Easy With Contrasting Veneers!
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Creating The Illusion of Space Is Easy With Contrasting Veneers!

When it comes to interior decoration, creating depth using sustainable items is at the top of every homeowner's list. As wood is an eco-friendly material that offers a luxurious and aesthetic look to both large and small houses, it is preferred by many people. But did you know contrasting veneers can create an illusion of depth and transform the look of your house?

This article explains how you can use veneer to create depth and space in your home.

But first, let's understand what veneer is.

What is Wood Veneer?

Wood veneers are thin slices of wood or barks that are glued onto particle board, fibreboard, or wood. In modern homes, decoration veneers are used for making doors, panels and outside structures of cabinets, furniture, and parquet floors.

Plywood consists of three layers of veneer that are glued together to provide the necessary strength.

The house of Century offers wood veneers with multiple finishes to increase the aesthetic value of your home and make it warm and welcoming. Let's look at some of the ways you can use veneer to increase the illusion of space in your house.

How to Use Veneer for Increasing Illusion of Space?

Using contrasting veneer items in the home decoration process is one of the efficient ways to create an illusion of space. If you want to refurbish your home, the following ways can help you create an aesthetically pleasing, spacious and luxurious look:

1. Use a statement piece

When it comes to designing your living room, a single statement piece such as a table, a sofa, etc., that has a contrasting texture against the wall or the floor creates depth in the room. Moreover, their placement also helps in making the room spacious. You must use the area efficiently, and instead of placing your items randomly, carefully arrange them so that they complement each other.

2. Colourful veneer

There are multiple textures of veneer home decor items available at Century. You can use wall coverings, doors, flooring, etc., of contrasting colours. This increases the illusion of depth even in a small space. Moreover, a clean and minimal design element of contrasting colours makes a space more lively and bold.

3. Kitchen with multiple shades

If you enter a kitchen with a single colour counter, racks and cabinet doors, you will feel like there is a shortage of space. Whereas a kitchen that has a contrasting veneer counter, racks, wall, and cabinet, feels more spacious because it does not look bland and plain. Therefore, to add volume and space to your kitchen area, it is crucial that you carefully select materials for each section.

4. Use the vertical space

The space between floor and ceiling can create space even in a small space. However, you need to think creatively to make the best use of this space. Installing a veneer door that has a thin strip of contrasting colour can be one of the easiest ways to create an illusion of space. Other methods include installing floating racks of contesting veneers, placing a long cabinet with lengthwise stripes, hanging a veneer art piece that contrasts with the background, etc. 

Features of Wood Veneer

Veneer is one of the most attractive options for increasing the value and beauty of your home decor. The critical features of wood veneer are listed below:

● It enhances the appeal of furniture and makes it more royal and elegant.

● It is suitable for a large range of applications. From classic to contemporary options like grey veneer and exotic brown tone, they are perfect for covering wood products such as cabinets, doors, floors, desks, and wall panels.

● Wood veneers are made out of rare wood species that are capable of giving a premium finish and timeless beauty to any workpiece they are applied to.

● Veneer has high strength, and when it is applied on the surface of plywood, it increases its durability. An interior decor piece made of solid wood might swell or crack in high moisture and extreme temperature. In contrast, veneer workpieces can withstand these conditions and maintain their structural integrity for many years.

● They are flexible and are perfect for accent furniture, custom light fixtures, modern wood panels, and multiple other interior decoration accessories that reflect the style of homeowners.

● The wood veneer is a natural product that is generally non-toxic. Moreover, the non-toxic adhesives that do not emit VOCs are used to glue them to the plywood, which increases their safety parameter and makes them optimum for home applications.


Contrast is one of the fundamental principles of interior design. It is a secret weapon that makes space eye-catching and increases its depth. However, you need to know where and how to apply it appropriately to get the maximum benefit. Therefore, wood veneer is designed with contrasting colours that complement each other and increase the aesthetic value of your house.

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