Quality Check for Wood Products Now Reduced to Just 3 Steps!
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Quality Check for Wood Products Now Reduced to Just 3 Steps!

When buying wood products from any brand, quality inspection is essential to ensure they can work for a long time without high maintenance. With so many fraudsters online, fake wood products are manufactured daily on a large scale with poor-quality raw materials. This has made quality checking more crucial than ever before to invest money in the right items.

We at CenturyPly ensure good quality inspection through our latest CenturyPly Promise app. Although it might seem like rigorous procedures need to be conducted for the quality check, it requires only three steps to check the quality of wood products. Our app determines the product's authenticity through a QR scan within seconds.

Let's know more about the app before moving into how you can conduct the quality check for wood products in just three steps.

What Are the Highlights of CenturyPromise Application?

The key highlights of the CenturyPly Promise application are as follows:

       The app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. You can download the application from Google Play or App Store.

       You can download the application for free anytime and access it anywhere.

       You can register for the application by entering your basic details, such as name, mobile number, and email address.

       The application scans the QR code on the CenturyPlywood and identifies whether the product is genuine or not.

       You can check the product code history and generate an e-certificate of the product.

       From customers to contractors, everybody can use this application.

Which CenturyPly Products Come With QR Codes?

The following CenturyPly products come with QR codes, allowing users to perform quality checks from their end:

       Architect Ply

       Club Prime

       Bond 710

       Sainik 710

       Win MR

       Sainik MR

How to Perform Quality Check for Wood Products With CenturyPly Promise?

With three simple steps, you can use the CenturyPly Promise application effectively and perform a quality check for all the wood products.

Step 1: Download the App and Make It Ready for Use

       You can download the application from the Play store if you have an Android phone. For iOS users, you can install the application by downloading it from Google Play.

       Once the download is completed, tap on the icon to open it.

       As the application opens, you will find two options - 'Scan QR Code' and 'Upload QR code'. Select the option that is convenient for you. For the first option, you'll be required to scan the QR code on the plywood you purchased. For the second option, you need to manually input the QR code written on the plywood in the given box.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code

       If you wish to scan the QR code, you need to place your phone in front of the QR code so that the code fits into the viewfinder rectangle.

       Wait for some seconds for the application to generate the results.

Step 3: Read the Product Description and Generate the E-warranty Certificate

       If the CenturyPly product is authentic or is manufactured from genuine sources, the application will display 'CenturyPly genuine product'. Otherwise, it will show 'Not genuine product'.

       The product description will involve plant name, product name, size, thickness, and unique code.

       Below the description, you'll find an option for generating an e-warranty. If you want to keep a copy of the product description, you can download the certificate and keep it saved for future reference.

       The application also provides the users with the facility to share their experience with the application. So, if you face lagging, glitches or other issues while using the application, you can put your honest feedback in the app's feedback section for our team to work on it. 

Wrap Up!

By following these three steps, you can tackle the problem of plywood duplicity and get genuine products for your household needs. If the app shows that the product isn't real, you can contact the seller about the same. It is important to perform quality checking for every wood product to invest in the right item and ensure longevity.

Remember: Buying a fake product will not only lead to money wastage but can also create problems in the long run. It might not be termite borer, water, or fire resistant and might not show great strength against heavy loads. Therefore, you must do quality checking from the Century Promise app.

Since it is an initiative by Century Plywood, a brand that has gained the trust of many individuals over the years, the application is unlikely to provide false results. Besides, no additional charges are needed to download or run the application; hence, you can do it without any worries.

For more information on the application, visit our website and download the app without delay: https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise.






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