Modern Workspace Design Trends With Laminates
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Modern Workspace Design Trends With Laminates

If you are a working professional, you spend as much time at the office as at your home. In such a scenario, it’s only natural that you seek an accommodating environment at the workplace, as it acts as a second home.

We, at CenturyLaminates, understand the need for a workspace that extends comfort to the employees. That’s why, we have been offering artistically-designed laminates to enhance the working experience and make everyone feel at utmost ease. Being the forerunner in the plywood and laminates industry, we have a vast variety of laminates, with each type having a different fabric, pattern, design, and colour.

If you are all set to transform your workspace, then read on for some of the modern and pristine laminate design trends that can do wonders:

Stun everyone with ‘Silk Tuff’: Matte never surprises! As another pleasant surprise, we have introduced Silk Tuff range of laminates for you to enjoy the magic of solid surfaces with seamless finish. Being aesthetically manufactured with Hygenic-Silver Nano technology, this assorted range of laminates will make your office an enticing place to work, with its European matte finish. Feather-touch and zero-maintenance are the prime features of our Silk Tuff laminates.

Amplify spaces with ‘Anti-Fingerprint’: Spotting fingerprints on furniture can be off-putting. Our Anti-Fingerprint range of laminates, manufactured from the latest technology, abstains fingerprints from the surface. These laminates are a prefect choice for conference rooms, reception areas, and office desks. To enjoy your working experience spot free, go with our Anti-Fingerprint laminates!

Captivate with magnificent ‘Combinations’: The work station where an employee spends maximum time, should not be dull. Don’t let monotony affect the productivity and efficiency of employees. Spruce up the work station by decking your office space with combination sets of laminates.

Breathe life into your office space with the stunning range of CenturyLaminates and make the workplace exciting!

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