Premium door designs for your bathroom
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Premium door designs for your bathroom

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Simply the best—CenturyDoors

Types of Doors at CenturyDoors

Why are Flush Doors the best choice for bathrooms?

      ◆ Good insulators

      ◆ Waterproof

      ◆ Years of warranty

In a nutshell


When most people renovate their homes, they never change their doors. A lot of effort is put into interior design and furniture but it is quite common for people to ignore doors. However, doors are a very important element of a home. They not only blend in with your home interior but also add more to the appeal of the home, especially the bathroom doors!

This article will give you some details on how to choose the best door for your bathroom. We will also describe the types and quality features of CenturyDoors from the house of CenturyPly. So let's open the doors to smart choices.

Simply the best—CenturyDoors

With such a wide range of materials on the market, it is easy to become perplexed when deciding on the best materials that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to high-quality doors, however, there is literally no name that shines brighter than CenturyDoors.

● Slam proof doors:

CenturyDoors from CenturyPly are carefully designed to be slam proof. This means that they do not give out those loud thuds. This is the reason why they last for a long duration of time.

● Swell proof doors:

Any type of wood gets affected when exposed to water and high moisture for an extended period of time. The bathroom doors are more prone to this damage. This messes up the alignment of the doors and sometimes causes them to get jammed. This is where CenturyDoors shine. CenturyDoors are water resistant, which makes them swell proof.

● Borer and termite resistant:

CenturyDoors are borer and termite resistant, which means they can effectively repel borers and termites. Moreover, ViroKill technology infused doors even kill the covid-19 virus within contact. As a result, they last for a long time.

Types of Doors at CenturyDoors

If you are looking for durable doors for your bathroom, you definitely need quality. The bathroom is exposed to a lot of moisture and water on a daily basis. Talking about the highest possible quality available in the market, you must go for the best brands such as CenturyDoors from the house of CenturyPly.

They are one of the most renowned brands in India. With a wide variety and designs, take your home to the next level. Here are some of the door categories offered by CenturyDoors:

Flush Doors
Panel Molded Doors
Decorative Doors

● Club Prime Doors

● Sainik Doors

● Bond Doors

● Melamine Door

● Metallic Door

● Plain Door

● White Primed Door

● Century Laminated Door

● Century Veneered Door

● Sainik Laminated Door

Why are flush doors the best choice for bathrooms?

There are many doors available in the market for your bathrooms made up of different materials. Here are some of the qualities of flush doors which make them a good fit for your bathrooms:

● In house treatment-

Flush doors from the house of Century Ply are chemically treated at each step of manufacturing so that they remain fungus proof throughout their lifespan. They are made from the best quality timber available in the market.

● Waterproof-

The best property of flush doors is that they are water resistant, swell proof and bend proof. With all these features, quality flush doors from CenturyPly are a perfect fit for your bathroom.

● Years of warranty-

Products of CenturyDoors such as ClubPrime, BondDoors and SainikDoors offer you a warranty of 10 years, 7 years and 5 years respectively. It implies that they are made from premium quality timber.

In a nutshell

Choosing the best materials for your home is a long-term investment, not a purchase. Just as you undertake proper research for all of your financial decisions, you should conduct a thorough analysis on the quality of the raw materials before choosing to buy them for your home. With CenturyDoors from the house of CenturyPly, you can experience quality doors that are slam proof, swell proof and termite resistant.

Ensure the authenticity of your product by purchasing doors that perfectly fit your design needs. This includes spending a few additional money on cutting-edge technology, which will always prove to save you money over the long term. If you want to know more about CenturyDoors, visit

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