Our Anti-Virus Plywood Is Guaranteed To Keep the Termites Away From You
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Our Anti-Virus Plywood Is Guaranteed To Keep the Termites Away From You


Plywood adds elegance, style, and sophistication to any space. Wooden furniture has an earthy charm to it. Due to its versatility, plywood can be used on furniture, in kitchen spaces or offices. While making decisions about plywood, people generally consider durability and functionality. But the most important thing to consider is the quality of the plywood. 

Choosing an antimicrobial and Anti Virus plywood provides longevity and makes your home safe from virus. CenturyPly uses Virokill technology, which makes its plywood repel microorganisms.

Table of Contents

What is an Anti Virus Plywood?

Why Should You Choose Virokill Technology?

Benefits of Anti Virus Plywood

        ◆  Increased Longevity

        ◆ Time and Cost-Effective

        ◆ Moisture Control

        ◆ Safe and Durable

        ◆ No Replacement Required


What Is an Anti Virus Plywood?

Wood veneers are bonded together to form a flat sheet called plywood. Because of its versatility, plywood can be used in structural, interior and exterior constructions. Furthermore, plywood is durable and affordable. However, termites can turn unprotected plywood into dust. This is where Anti Virus plywood comes into play. To protect your beautiful furniture, it is essential that your plywood has antimicrobial properties.

Antimicrobial plywood is chemically treated during manufacture to make it resistant to moisture. CenturyPly uses ViroKill Technology to create the best plywood for your safer home. Since it undergoes a self-doctoring surface treatment, these products stand strong against termites. Therefore, this type of plywood has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Hence, your furniture lives a long and healthy life.

Why Should You Choose Virokill Technology?

The internal and external designs, colours, and furniture reflect your personality. Therefore, it is important to use high-quality plywood. However, in addition to a good appearance, you must also consider the properties of the products that ensure a healthy environment.

The nanoparticles in plywood made using Virokill technology are activated and energised. So, it keeps the surface of the plywood clean, safe and hygienic.

Post-pandemic care is essential. Using plywood that has antiviral properties helps you stay healthy and safe from chances of getting exposed to viral diseases. Therefore, this plywood not only makes your house or commercial space beautiful and appealing it also adds safety and life to your space.

Benefits of Anti Virus Plywood

Increased Longevity

Termites can be the worst enemy of your structural, interior and exterior designs. Whether it is formwork or panelling, you must ensure the safety of the plywood used. Antimicrobial plywood is a self-doctoring plywood. Since this type of plywood is chemically treated during manufacture, it keeps termites away. Termite-free home guarantees to increase the longevity of your plywood. If you love to give a stylish look to your house, you should opt for antimicrobial plywood.

Time and cost-effective

Despite being just half an inch long, the effects of termites on furniture can be massive. Your dear furniture can be damaged to an extent beyond repair. Repairing or disposing of such damage can cause you to shell out unnecessary money. Therefore, it consumes a lot of your time and money. Certainly, the best way to avoid this is by using Virokill technology-infused plywood.

Moisture Control

The plywood is treated chemically to make it strong and hard. Thus, it becomes moisture resistant. When you use plywood that is termite resistant. Therefore, your furniture and plywood constructions remain dry and free from moisture. Their longevity has increased. The shape and quality are also retained.

Safe and Durable

Virokill technology used in CenturyPly plywood is completely safe, even for little ones. It certainly does not have any health hazards. Daily dusting and cleaning will not deplete the technological properties. Moreover, the chemically treated plywood does not react with any external paint or polish. Therefore, you are sure to have a home where the plywood used is not only safe and beautiful but also durable.

No Replacement Required

Since the chemical treatment is done throughout the plywood and not just on the surface, it does not need any replacement. Moreover, the plywood with Virokill technology is thermostable. That means even if it gets exposed to humidity, moisture or sunlight, the antiviral properties stay intact. Since the nanoparticles are embedded in plywood's polymer matrix, it stays effective throughout the life of the furniture.


Whether you are planning to buy just one beautiful piece of furniture or get the entire space done, plywood will add style and elegance to your place. Because of its versatility, designs and colours, plywood is an interior designer's first choice. But a single termite attack can ruin your beautifully designed space. Therefore, it is always a smart choice to invest in Anti Virus plywood. The Virokill technology used in CenturyPly's plywood ensures your plywood stays safe. Thus it keeps your house and furniture hygienic and clean. Whether you own a classic piece of furniture or get a modern wood design, a single termite attack can destroy your precious possessions. CenturyPly has many options available to take care of all your furnishing needs. 

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