Next big step towards health and hygiene.
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Next big step towards health and hygiene.

We live in a world of uncertainty. When the pandemic hit the world, the importance of cleanliness and hygiene was reinstated firmly. Everyone understood the need to keep oneself and one’s house clean. Away from harmful viruses and bacteria, maintaining a tidy and sanitised environment is imperative.

Even in these uncertain times, stepping out can be inevitable. Picking up groceries or having food dropped off to your door, it is unavoidable that one moves out of the house and comes in contact with someone outdoors. The precaution everyone should practice is to keep themselves and others around clean and constantly sanitising from time to time. Keeping yourself clean is easy but what about your house? 

Everything around the house is a surface for harmful diseases to find breeding ground on. Your furniture and walls also play a huge role in the overall sanitation of your home. Centuryply comes with a solution to take the next big step towards health and hygiene with Virokill technology.

What is Virokill?

Centuryply makes products and provides services that enrich our customers’ lives. The safety is an added factor we need to verify and with the same thought we have designed the Virokill technology. Centuryply indigenously developed Virokill technology as a way to keep viruses and bacteria away from your furniture and surfaces. When implanted into your plywood, it has the ability to break down the viruses that land on it.

How does it work?

Virokill is a technology that works by nano engineering particles that shields your surfaces from harmful parasites. When a virus comes into contact with a surface enriched with Virokill, it breaks down the cell layer of the virus and permanently damages it. In a few hours, unable to sustain itself, the virus is completely erased. Virokill has antiviral, anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-microbial properties that kill 99.99% germs.

Why pick Virokill?

Virokill gives an all round and all time protection against bacteria. Plywood can be found across multiple areas of the house. From the kitchen, where one cooks meals to the bathroom, where one cleans themselves, all places can have wooden surfaces like cabinets, countertops and furnishings. For a better layer of protection around the house and across all these surfaces, Virokill is the right choice.

 Where can I use Virokill?

Plywood and wooden furnishings are found everywhere. Be it a house, an office space or a school, it is imperative that all places provide safety to the ones inhabiting them. In work places and educational institutions, people are bound to come and leave accordingly and in such an environment of constant movement, it becomes a need to make sure all surfaces are clean and tidy. ViroKill technology embedded plywood can be used across multiple places, wherever there are people and activity.

What are the added benefits of this?

Not only will your furniture and wooden surfaces become safer from harmful viruses but they are also immune to attacks from pests and insects like borers and termites. In places with food and lunch, spilled snacks and beverages do not pose a threat to your furniture in terms of utility and safety. Your furniture also becomes thermostable and is immune to changing weather conditions, the harsh sun and UV rays.

There are multiple reasons to pick plywood embedded with ViroKill technology but the #1 will always be your health and safety. Sanitation and cleaning can not only get tedious in the process but can also damage your furniture. Stay ahead of bad health by making small but significant choices. Opt for Virokill embedded furniture today and take the next big step to health and hygiene.

Read more about Virokill here: 

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