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Design Your Home Wisely

A home should be the owner’s pride and neighbours envy. And as you design your dream home, one aspect that takes your considerable time and energy, is choosing the right mix of furniture for your home. Furniture can be according to the latest style available in the market and comfortable too!  Various types of furniture pieces that one would need for a new home would be wall units, wardrobes and cabinets, seating arrangements , coffee tables and side tables, beds, desks and functional units. When choosing your furniture, you should always consider your need, the dimensions, the design, and so on…After all trends may change each season but one cannot keep changing furniture every now and then. So, invest wisely.

Some of the points to be taken care of while buying/designing furniture pieces for your home, such that it enhances the overall decor are:

Style: In Contemporary style, the furniture has clean lines. The style is sleek and metallic tones are preferred in this style. Such furniture is ideal for urban homes where in you have limited space. They are subtle in design and minimalist in approach. It is advisable to go for clean lined furniture as they are easily accessible and unlike bulky and traditional pieces are easier to clean and maintain. If you are a lover of traditional designs, you can choose to mix and match such that you can have the best of both worlds.

Colour: You can play around with colours. Keep the wall colour neutral and then highlight with bold and dark coloured furnitures. If you have a highlighted wall and furniture is set against that backdrop, the idea here is to keep the pieces in muted tones.

The kitchen can have a different colour scheme from the rest of the home. They can be made vibrant with colours like orange and green. One can go for brown which is a very neutral colour for the wardrobes in the bedroom.

For some of the best style & colour choices while designing your home visit

Multifunctional: Another very useful feature to be looked out for while choosing furniture, for your daily needs are the ones that are multi utilitarian. A desk that can double up as a breakfast counter, a sofa that can be extended into a double bed at night are some of them. These days one can find beds with storage space inbuilt around them. One can use these spaces or shelves to display or to store knick knack. Keep the traffic flow of your home in mind while selecting furniture pieces. This way you can avoid bulky, oversized items.

Budget friendly: Set a budget and try not to go overboard. Once you have a theme in mind, you can work around it, to buy the right piece. If factory made and mass produced items are not what interests you, hire a good carpenter and get going! Wall units, cabinets and shelves can be custom made according to your needs and specification.

You can have your furniture made of plywood and finished with laminates of your choice.  Laminates are now a days available in plenty of colours and patterns. These patterns are sure to give a facelift to your home and make them conversation starters

Comfort: The aim to buy a bed or a sofa is comfort. Similarly for wardrobes and cabinets it is utility and efficient storage options. Do not compromise with these factors. While designing storage in kitchen, have a clear idea of the optimum height at which these cabinets have to be built. Desks and tables again have to be designed ergonomically.

Make informed decisions. Market is flooded with choices and it is up to you to take the right decision.

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