Metallic veneers, a robust and a handsome approach
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Metallic veneers, a robust and a handsome approach

Be it a shiny glossy silver or highlights of metallic hue, there is this unique appeal to the metallic texture and colours that makes them stand apart from the rest. However, one often finds oneself perplexed with the option of choosing such items due to the cost as well as the maintenance of the same. The solution as it turns out is pretty simple, thanks to the innovations in technology in the furniture industry we now have metallic veneers.

Veneers are sheets made out of ultra-thin slices of wood, these sheets of wood are glued to a covering of plywood or blockboards or a similar material. Metallic veneers are a form of reconstituted veneers, which unlike natural veneers, have patterns and designs curated using processes like dyeing, laser technology etc which result in them getting a metallic look and feel.

Metallic veneers can be used to create cabinets, shelves, wardrobes and so much more. Their glossy appearance can give your living spaces a more contemporary look and help create a chic ambiance. When it comes to veneers look no further than CenturyVeneers, the most trusted name in the nation and with an admirable range varying in styles, colours and textures, you need not look anywhere else.

Some remarkable USPs of veneers from CenturyVeneers are as follows:

1. Hygienically sound -

CenturyVeneers enriches its veneers with the revolutionary ViroKill Technology. With the ability to kill 99.99% of all viruses, fungi, and bacteria, this antiviral and antibacterial solution keeps all your interiors hygienically safe. 

2. Borer and Termite Proof -

The special glue line protection used in veneers from CenturyVeneers ensures that your furniture remains pest proof. These veneers not only resist these pests but also destroy them thoroughly. So the only living things that can admire your impeccable taste in furniture are you and your loved ones.

3. Boiling Water Resistance -

Extreme climatic conditions can often harm veneers, this however is not the case for veneers from CenturyVeneers because they are boiling water-resistant. Thereby, your interiors remain as flawless as new for a very long time.

4. Superior Finishing -

With the German Sanding Technology used for finishing, CenturyVeneers manufactures veneers with premium finishing. So when you choose CenturyVeneers, your interiors look a class apart thanks to their immaculate appearance.

5. Cost-Effective -

Compared to natural wood, veneers are relatively economic and thereby cost-effective. Therefore, with CenturyVeneers you get the same exquisite look of solid wood in your interiors without burning a hole in your pocket.

6. Stability -

Veneers despite being curated from solid wood are manufactured to perfection by CenturyVeneers. Hence, unlike solid wood, these veneers are much more stable with respect to warping and splitting.

If you are looking for something to zing up your living spaces, look no further than metallic veneers. A robust and handsome approach that will make you appreciate your ambiance a lot more. With a plethora of options in their metallic range under their NatzuraWoods range, CenturyVeneers can help in taking you closer to your dream interiors. For more information about CenturyVeneers visit this link:



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