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Make Your Bathroom Your Escape Place

How often is it that you want to spend a bit too long in the shower to relax yourself? Lingering in a bathroom designed just as you want is a retreat in itself. Your private space is one of the most essential in the house and thus you must not miss any chance to make it perfect!

Ticking your wishlist to have a perfect bathroom with warm elements of wood, CenturyPly brings you the latest and the most affordable boiling waterproof plywood - Sainik 710. The benefits of using this plywood goes beyond aesthetics. It is one of the strongest plywood available in the market just at the price of Rs 99/Sq.Ft

Let’s see the wonders you can create in your bathroom with this ultimate waterproof plywood. Keep your eye open to great designs as you scroll below.

Start your day with this beautifully fresh bathroom and collect energy to seize the day! A plain white wall with a splash of wooden elements, and a touch of green works together to make your escape space fun and rejuvenating. Add as many wooden elements as you like - shelf, chair, seat, windows, headboard and whatnot-  when you have India’s most affordable plywood to your rescue.

More often than not, the essence of having a luxurious bathroom doesn’t lie in abundance, rather it lies in eliminating what’s not needful. This bathroom reflects a minimal vibe with the edgy ladder shelf, a designer stool and a white curved bathtub. The open space in the area gives it all the charm it needs. Get all your spa feels with the perfect waterproof furniture.

To know where exactly you can find things is a happy feeling. Be organized and arrange everything neatly with the shelves that are both functional and stunning. These shelves created using the boiling waterproof plywood stay intact and as good as new for years. These are highly durable and borer and termite proof. Get rid of extra stress and things that do not complement the calmness of your escape place.

Already missing the feeling of taking a calm shower in your dream bathroom? CenturyPly has got you covered! Make your bathroom strong and beautiful with Sainik 710, India’s best waterproof created for you. Read more here: ​​​​​​​

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