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Make those study visits more often

Study rooms in your homes are more or less a luxury. You intend to have a dedicated corner for the books you have had so far or you make a corner for the books you intend to buy. Whatever the reason is, the first step is to set up the whole room with the necessary furniture that can justify the significance of your study.

Sometimes, it happens that we design our study without much thought and end up stacking books in a ‘store room’. We hardly pay visits to either our study or our books after that. This is because the place eventually loses its charm for it does not have much of an inviting spirit with its boring wooden racks or the archaic table that lies amidst.

We are here to give your study rooms a whole new outlook so that you visit it more often and make reading an integral part of your daily lives.

1. A minimalist corner:

In lieu of cutting yourself from the rest of the world, some people like to keep their study corner in their living room or bedroom itself. Thus, they concentrate all the aspirational elements of an ideal study in the compact space that is available in their bedrooms or living rooms.

In order to make sure that the respective place does not get all shabby with an extra set of decor being added to the place, it is important that we keep our study subtle. Ensure minimalism with a lighter wood tone for the very basic furniture.

Adding a little green here and there can do the job better to give it a refreshing look. 

2. A Personalised Endeavour:

A study can be your way to express your creativity a little different from what you have for the rest of your house. The democratic method of choosing the right interiors for your bedroom, kitchen or living room might not be in your favour, but your study is where you can make all the decisions by yourself.

After all, it is your personal war ground!

Try to enhance the walls just as you would have done for your corporate cabin to make it different from the rest of the cabins. Keep it spacious as your mind flourishes where it finds a way. But if the place is cluttered, your mind is cluttered too. 

Thus, spacious spaces breed creativity, critical thinking and tireless functioning. You can also add some art pieces or decorations for your space to make it look like it is highly thought of.

3. A bookish haven: 

If you are a voracious reader or even a person who just likes to collect a lot of books, you need to look for a bookshelf that portrays itself as a storyteller, with every book it has.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we want you to go crazy about those archaic heavy bookshelves that dissolve the beauty angle of your study by their bulky appearance. Choose simple shelves that display your intellect by the means of your books and not its own heavier wooden frames. 

CenturyPly offers you the plywood that is suitable to make your study modish or chic, depending on your taste. Explore the 3-in-1 plywood from CenturyPly that innovates it to make it antiviral, waterproof and of course, comes with a QR code to establish its authenticity:


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