An introduction to Virokill technology
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An introduction to Virokill technology

Table of Content:

●​​​​​​​ Introduction

●​​​​​​​ What is Virokill Technology?

●​​​​​​​ Features of Virokill Technology

●​​​​​​​ Conclusion


No matter where you are located, the air in the entire world contains millions of microorganisms you take in with each breath. Even though they are invisible, they are alive and in constant movement because of the air and the wind. Most of the species of microorganisms in the air are unknown, and they are in constant contact with the surfaces in your home, such as your furniture. If you feel horrified by the idea of what might be in the air that surrounds you, do not think that you are alone. We all, at times, feel worried about things like that.

The sources of these airborne microorganisms can be humans, plants, heating and ventilation systems, pets, plumbing, mould, and the outdoor environment. Their size is extremely small; therefore, they are invisible to human eyes, but they are silently lurking here and there on different surfaces at your home, getting ready for transmission.

Would you believe it if you got to know that you inhale thousands of these microorganisms with every breath you take? Although it sounds scary, most of those are not detrimental to your health. But even if some of those are harmful, don’t worry. The good news is that you can get rid of them by investing in CenturyPly Virokill Technology, which acts as a barrier between you and the threats you can’t see, making sure you and your family live healthier lives. The technology has been tested to be completely safe and does not have any health hazards. Please read on to learn more about CenturyPly Virokill Technology and how it works!

What is Virokill Technology?

Virokill Technology is a specially designed surface treatment used on CenturyLaminates and CenturyPly that employs nanoparticles to fight against microorganisms coming in contact with their surfaces. These microorganisms that can be bacteria, viruses, or fungi are physically torn apart and killed as they come in contact with Virokill Technology-treated CenturyPly and CenturyLaminates, thereby keeping the surfaces clean and hygienic. The technology is completely safe and health-hazard free, so you don’t have to worry about your kids touching these surfaces frequently.

Features of Virokill Technology

Below are some features to introduce you to the Virokill technology:

● Virokill Technology uses a specific type of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved nanoparticles that act against any microbes coming in contact with the surfaces that have been treated with it.

● Our products treated with this technology have been tested at one of the most reputable testing facilities in the country, the Biotech Testing Services (BTS). The tests carried out include Antimicrobial Efficacy Test and Antiviral Efficacy Test. International protocols and quality standards have been duly followed during the testing procedure to ensure accurate results.

● The mechanism by which Virokill Technology kills the microbes starts immediately as they come in contact with it and may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete, depending on several factors, including the local configuration and environmental conditions.

● Any microorganisms in the surroundings of the surfaces, like in the atmosphere, will not be affected by the technology. It only works when the microbes come in contact with it. Additionally, the efficiency of its performance may be affected if the product is mishandled, like if it is exposed to very high temperature and humidity conditions, excessive sunlight, or moisture.

● Some specific ways of cleaning the Virokill treated surfaces have been prescribed by CenturyPly. If these ways are followed, the anti-microbial properties of Virokill shall not be depleted and the product can be used for years.

● As the nanoparticles have been embedded in the polymer matrix system of the plywood these have great durability and are effective throughout the lifetime of the furniture it is used to make.


While investing in new furniture for your home, consider your safety and the safety of your loved ones apart from the aesthetic appeal. Invest in this layer of extra protection and choose a more secure, healthier future for the people you care about. Click here; get your Virokill treated CenturyPly and CenturyLaminates now, or have a look for future reference!

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