Fire safety beyond water hoses
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Fire safety beyond water hoses

As much as we keep the safety of our homes in our minds, we often forget to be this precautious about our office space. The simple reason is that we spend most of our time at home. However, there is no denying the fact that we spend at least around one-third of our day at our working place. This makes it equally important for us to rethink the safety angle of our working place.

Fire is one of the many disasters that can hit our office spaces badly. And the usual plan of action that we have to fight the fire includes a few beeping alarms that render us clueless, some fire extinguishers without any proper fire drills given and only one or two non-functional fire hoses that are usually present on the ground floors only.

To our disappointment, with this disaster preparedness, we are hardly going to save ourselves or our colleagues. Adding to this, to your surprise, it has been psychologically proven that not all of us can act in our straight minds in a time of a disaster. Thus, there needed to be a solution that cushions us in the face of fire and helps reduce the damage.

CenturyPly, as an innovative brand, pledges to solve human problems with solutions that shall bring in the revolution and raise the benchmark in the field of technology. 

Firewall is one such technology from the house of CenturyPly. As the nomenclature suggests, this technology is a defending war between us and the havoc that a fire can cause, if not for Firewall.

ArchitectPly and Club Prime plywood from the house of CenturyPly is nanoengineered with fire-fighting nanoparticles to give it the properties of being fire-retardant plywood. With Firewall technology, CenturyPly plywood reduces its self-flammability, spreadability and also the smoke generation. It also discards the delamination of plywood that can happen as a result of water subjection to douse the fire. Not only this, the Firewall technology gives plywood the superpower to douse the fire that it has been victimised to, once the source of the fire is identified and separated.

With its exemplary performance of offering enough time to think and act rather than to react in haste, this technology becomes a fire-fighting saviour for the employees who left their home to work, so that they can come back to their homes, safe and sound!

Also, the innovative Firewall technology of CenturyPly has been certified under the specified benchmark tests that make it a capable fire-retardant technology. You can see the certificates and read the other important information about this innovation by CenturyPly at:

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