Let your doors narrate the story of your house
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Let your doors narrate the story of your house

Despite the saying that goes about not judging a book by its cover, we often judge somebody else’s house by its doors and entrances. The doors are not merely a wooden block that offers us a passage to enter or exit our house, it is an important factor in determining your overall home decor.

The reason can be simply explained by imagining a simple door with your fascinating interiors or an ugly door that takes away the attention off your wooden decor for which you went way beyond the regular designs.

Thus, it is important that our doors play the dual role of being sturdy and stylish. 

How can we achieve both of them?

Although rare, CenturyDoors still aces in offering you both in a single door. The decorative doors of CenturyDoors excel in both sturdiness to offer you the safety that a door is required to and also various patterns and colours that can go well along with your home interiors to narrate the uninterrupted story that it intends to.

What all varieties do we have in decorative CenturyDoors?

The decorative doors from CenturyDoors are the finished doors that come along the solid strength of the flush doors from CenturyDoors. Since these are ready to use with the beautiful high-pressure laminates or veneers adorning them, they are easy to install too. Thus, Decoratives CenturyDoors are quite preferable in the market.

Today, we are going to explicitly inform you about two decorative CenturyDoors that will help you make a sound decision: Century Veneered Doors and Sainik Laminated Doors.

1. Century Veneered Doors: If you want to go premium to add an apt amount of elegance to your house, Century Veneered Doors are the right choice. With the premium quality of the Club Prime flush door, the veneered doors use the finest quality timber for high resistance and quality.

The veneer doors have further two classifications based on their outer appearance - Natural and Recon. This classification gives you plenty of options to choose from and you definitely do not need to stick on a single wood tone, compromising on the aesthetics of your home decor.

Talking about the strength factor, here are a few benefits that come along the Century Veneered Doors:

Climate stable

High impact resistant


High Mechanical Strength

- 7-year warranty

2. Sainik Laminated Doors: If you are looking for value for money, Sainik Laminated Doors are perfect for you. With the waterproof strength and durability of Sainik plywood, Sainik Laminated Doors are an affordable affair and usually come handy in bigger projects. 

The other properties that makes Sainik laminated doors the feasible choice are as follows:

- Bend proof

- Slam proof

- High strength

- 5 years of warranty

- Termite and borer resistant

- Waterproof

-  Uses high-pressure laminates

- High strength

Adding to the specific features, it is imperative that we mention how we stand apart from the rest of the doors. Century Flush and Decorative Doors have a layer of veneer added to it prior to adding the face, to give it a smooth finish. This secures the smooth look in our doors.

To know more - https://www.centuryply.com/centurydoors?cp_cat=decorative-doors

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