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Keep Your Files Safe And Colleagues Safer

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Understaffed fire departments in India

Small changes can safeguard your workspaces

Take these steps to combat fire hazards

          ◆ Use of insulation wires

          ◆ Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers

          ◆ Use of Fire-Resistant Plywood

CenturyPly firewall technology plywood

What is special about firewall technology plywood?

         ◆ Delayed fire spreading

         ◆ Low emission of smoke

         ◆ Borer and termite resistance

In a nutshell


Fire disasters are dangerous enough, be it a home or workplace. Factories, manufacturing units and even offices have the risk of fire hazards. You never really know what equipment can go faulty.

In this article, we are going to discuss how simple precautionary measures can help you safeguard your workspace, colleagues and office files. Moreover, we will also discuss how CenturyPly Firewall Technology is helping in the safety of hundreds of workplaces in India.

Understaffed fire departments in India

Firstly, India has very few fire stations than the ideal number. As a matter of fact, 51 people are killed in fire hazards on a daily basis. There are only 3,000 fire stations. As compared to the population of the country, there should be at least 8,559 fire stations. Moreover, the fire departments across the country are short of approximately 6,00,000 personnel.

Number of Fire Stations In India

Basis Units
Number of Fire Stations 3ooo

Ideal Number of Fire Stations


Small changes can safeguard your workspaces

Thus, you can not completely rely upon the firefighters in emergency situations. So help yourself with fire resistant plywood and save a workplace disaster. It is a smart and safe choice of plywood.

Here are some prime causes of fire hazards in workplaces or factories:

 ◆ Faulty Equipment

 ◆ Human Error

 ◆ Warehousing

 ◆ Smoking

Fundamentally, all businesses and manufacturing units should offer a safe working environment for their employees. In the case of construction units, any potential fire hazards are removed to avoid injury or death. Meanwhile, the workers are provided with the safety equipment as well. But mishaps can still occur, so we will now discuss some precautionary measures.

Take these steps to combat fire hazards

Keeping the uncontrollable factors away, let’s talk about things you can control. Precautionary measures are always good for the long run. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure fire safe workspaces:

1. Use of Insulation Wires-

Choosing quality insulation wires is the best choice for workspaces since electrical overloads are the biggest reason for fire outbreaks.

2. Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers-

Not all workplaces take such precautionary measures but it is recommended to have extinguishers at workplaces. A precautionary measure is always beneficial in emergency situations.

3. Use of Fire-Resistant Plywood-

Fire-resistant plywood does not act as a fuel to fire but it helps in fighting it instead. CenturyPly offers a series of firewall technology plywood ranges infused with Firewall Protection which helps in keeping your surroundings safe from fire damage. This is a smart move! Check out the points below to know more about the benefits of firewall plywood.

CenturyPly Firewall Technology Plywood

To begin with, CenturyPly has been certified as the best available fire retardant plywood provider in the country. It offers an innovative solution to combat fire hazard damages because it provides plywood with nano engineered particles that are embedded in the polymer matrix system. This makes it fire resistant.

Here are the CenturyPly products embedded with firewall protection:

● ArchitectPly

● ClubPrime

These select ranges of CenturyPly are the best fire-fighting plywood available in India. In unfavorable situations, these products allow customers to protect their office documents, files, and colleagues and have enough time to act.

What is special about firewall technology plywood?

In addition to established quality standards and other safeguards, CenturyPly has incorporated fire-retardant technology in their plywood which offers the following benefits:

1. Delayed Fire Spreading-

 It induces slow combustion with its nano engineered particles. Moreover, it is self extinguishing. This means when the source of fire is removed, it automatically stops the further emission.

2. Low Emission Of Smoke-

Toxic gasses are released into the air during the process of combustion, thus causing breathing difficulties. This is one reason why asphyxia causes more deaths than the actual fire damage. But with CenturyPly infused with Firewall Technology, no harmful gasses are released.

3. Borer and Termite Resistant-

Firewall Technology plywood from Centuryply also comes with borer and termite protection, making it the best fit for long term use.

In a nutshell

Fire retardant plywood can significantly reduce the outburst of a fire as the plywood doesn’t fuel the fire. Safeguard your workspace with Century Ply Firewall Technology. It is best prepared to fight against the spread of fire. You can order online from CenturyPly E-Shop

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