It's Now in your Hands to Create a Virus Free Kitchen
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It's Now in your Hands to Create a Virus Free Kitchen

The kitchen is a space of self-reflection for you. Cooking can bring out the best in everybody. Tweaking recipes according to your unique style and serving them with a dash of herbs makes you feel no less than a masterchef. It’s the very space where you forget about everything in the world and unleash the creativity within. Afterall, what’s better in life than delicious food? 

If you resonate with us here, you might also wish to get a kitchen that speaks your tone. Minimal or extravagant, bold or light, open shelves or cabinets - each and every element in the kitchen is a reflection of you. You must feel completely yourself when you enter this space. Thus, it is essential to bring your A-game to design a pretty and functional cooking space in your abode.

Let's see how you can create an elegant, durable ambiance without compromising on the functionality and hygiene aspect of your kitchen. Because in the end, good food translates into a good life, and you would not want any dirt, microscopic viruses, or bacteria to ruin that good life for you. Let's dive deeper!

ViroKill Plywood is the Secret Sauce:

Cabinets and kitchen counters cover the majority of your kitchen area. These are the most used parts for all the basic cooking-related stuff. Thus, it becomes irremissible to ensure that these spaces remain clean and virus-free. The best and most effective solution for the same is to build your kitchen furniture using plywood with the phenomenal ViroKill technology.

ViroKill technology is one of the latest innovations from the house of CenturyPly that is directed towards keeping your spaces virus-free and healthy. This technology uses highly energized particles that are deeply injected in the plywood, making it capable of killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and microbes that land on its surface.

Be in Trend with the Furniture of Your Choice:

Plywood with ViroKill technology is highly durable and can be structured to create innumerable modern designs. This property of the plywood makes sure that you never have to hear that one odious word about your kitchen furniture: passé. Be in style and make your cooking space visually aesthetic plus hygienic. 

Moreover, the kitchen space is in constant touch with water for several reasons. This is why ViroKill plywood also comes in the premium waterproof grade, thus nailing down that your furniture never gets swelled or warped due to constant water inflow.

Looking forward to building a waterproof kitchen? Make sure that you make your decisions about choosing the right plywood in a calculated manner. For a gorgeous and virus-free kitchen, CenturyPly has got you covered with the ultimate ViroKill plywood that is also waterproof and durable. Read here to know more amazing things about it:  

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