Is waterproof ply better than HDMR?
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Is waterproof ply better than HDMR?


Waterproof ply vs HDMR is one of the most sought-after debates in the industry. In this blog, we will discuss both materials in detail so that by the end, you will be able to decide which one should be your first choice when it comes to architectural needs. Please read on!

Table of Contents:

➔​​​​​​​ Waterproof ply

➔​​​​​​​ HDMR

➔​​​​​​​ Waterproof ply vs HDMR

➔​​​​​​​ Other types of plywood from CenturyPly

➔​​​​​​​ Conclusion

Waterproof ply

Waterproof plywood is an engineered board made of multiple layers glued together under high pressure and temperature. To add to the durability and strength, the alternate layers' wood grains are placed perpendicular to each other. Water-resistant plywood is high-quality treated plywood that is specially designed to withstand water damage. It is excellent for use in bathrooms and kitchens where water exposure is always high.

Different types of waterproof plywood are available in the market. For example, CenturyPly offers different types of ply boards under the water-resistant category. In addition to moisture-resistant plywood, you can find commercial plywood variants like Win MR and Sanik MR in this category. We also offer boiling waterproof grade plywood, such as ArchitectPly plywood and Club Prime, which is considered completely waterproof and has immense resistance to water.

Apart from being resistant to water damage, waterproof plywood is borer and termite-proof as its core layer is treated.. It is strong, durable, and, if used properly, can last for a lifetime. It is used extensively in both commercial and household applications.


Wondering what HDMR is? HDMR, or High-Density High Moisture Resistance, is a wood substitute used for kitchen spaces and other spaces exposed to moisture. It is made by mixing and pressing fibre chips and forest wood waste. Even though HDMR boards are fairly waterproof, they tend to bend and lose shape after long-term use.

Waterproof ply vs HDMR

Following are some of the ways in which waterproof ply and HDMR are different:

● Water-proof plywood is stronger and more durable than HDMR.

● Water-proof plywood is more dimensionally stable than HDMR as alternate layers of plies and cross-grain are constructed within the board.

● The screw-holding strength of waterproof plywood is higher than HDMR, so it grips the screws easily.

● The waterproof plywood is borer and termite proof and not susceptible to damage by mould or fungus.

● By using veneers on the plywood surface, a more realistic wood finish can be achieved with water-proof plywood as compared to HDMR. It can also be laminated.

Other types of plywood from the  House of CenturyPly

Firewall technology-treated Fire-resistant plywood: This specially engineered grade of plywood (ArchitectPly and Club Prime) effectively delays the spread of fire and buys you time to call for help or evacuate the building. The plywood also self-extinguishes once the source of the flames is eliminated. This plywood effectively protects you and your family from loss of life and property in the event of a fire.

100% termite and borer-proof Architect ply: Architect ply is high-quality plywood from the House of CenturyPly. It is manufactured from the highest grade hardwood bonded together with BWP synthetic resin. The advanced technology it is designed with makes it 100% termite-proof. The plywood also undergoes extensive pre-pressing that ensures the homogeneous spread of adhesive and any moisture content, thus making it warp-free. Apart from having no core gaps and a high face thickness, this plywood variant comes with a lifetime warranty.

Boiling waterproof grade plywood Bond 710: Bond 710 is a premium BWP marine grade plywood that is 100% waterproof in nature. So, it can be easily used in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where exposure to water is high. These plywood sheets are well known to withstand the vagaries of weather and come with a 21-year warranty. They are also completely borer and termite-proof. So, they might invite visitors to your home with full vigour but don't welcome bug infestations.

Virokill technology treated plywood: It is a specially designed plywood variant (ArchitectPly, Club Prime, Bond 710) that has been treated with nanoparticles to provide complete safety and protection mechanism against different types of microorganisms. The plywood has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. When a microorganism comes in contact with the surface of the plywood, the nanoparticles in it rupture and kill it with a contact-killing mechanism. This ensures that your surfaces and furniture are always safe, hygienic, and healthy. The technology has been successfully tested at the Biotech Testing Services (BTS), one of India's most renowned testing laboratories.


It is clear from the above discussion that HDMR and plywood vary on several grounds, including their durability, chances of infestation, and affordability. Both materials are fabulous in their own way, but if you want a long-lasting budget-friendly product, waterproof plywood is a great choice. The reasonable price and outstanding performance of waterproof plywood make it an efficient material for domestic as well as commercial applications.

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