Incorporate Colour and Texture in your furniture design for bedroom
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Incorporate Colour and Texture in your furniture design for bedroom

Table of contents:

➔      Introduction

➔      3 Tips for bedroom furniture design

              ◆   Chic bedside chair and table

              ◆   Embrace your bed design (panel or woodwork)

              ◆    Dressing area and cupboard

➔      The wonders of Decorative Laminates

➔      In a nutshell


Home is the one place that instantly makes you feel safe and comfortable. And out of all the spaces and corners in your home, you can be completely relaxed in the bedroom. For so many people, it is a dream to make the bedroom environment more comfortable, natural and calming.

In an attempt to make your bedroom more aesthetically pleasing, this article brings you some great tips for furniture design. Moreover, we will also shed some light on the importance of color and texture of quality laminates from CenturyLaminates! Let’s begin.

3 Tips for bedroom furniture design

Incorporating color and the power of beautiful textures just makes an interior 10x better! This is nothing about vastu but just some general ways that bring some calm and harmonic vibes into your bedroom decor. Let’s jump right into it. Check out some of these incredible bedroom furniture design ideas given below:

1. Chic bedside chair and table-

Pick an ideal chair and table set that suits your persona. Enhance the look with Textured Laminates. This material works wonders for aesthetic tabletops and even the chair backrests. What could be better than waking up to have your morning coffee upon a table with your favorite color!

2. Embrace your bed design-

The bed is obviously the most important element in a bedroom. With the help of a decorative bed panel, you can have some scope to play around with colors that match other elements of your bedroom decor. Furthermore, you can also depend upon laminates to enhance the woodwork of the bed itself! CenturyLaminates come in over 50+ shades of laminates for you to choose from.

3. Dressing area and cupboard

It is common for Indian homes to have a dressing table in the bedroom. Moreover, if you are not one of those people, you still have a cupboard in your bedroom to store some regular use items. The point is that all these bedroom furniture can be topped with an aesthetic laminate layer to give your space a magnificent look. It’s a must try!

The wonders of Decorative Laminates

If you think about how much time you spend in the bedroom overall, then it is about to surprise you. Whatever your sleep schedule might be, staying in the bedroom is a big chunk of your time when you are indoors and not working. It has been recorded as 6.8 hours per day, which means it is 2,482 hours per year.

Investing in quality laminates such as those offered by CenturyLaminates makes much sense. People have noted better sleep quality when their bedroom was tidy and aesthetic. So why not invest in decorative laminates? The innovative designs from  CenturyLaminates offer you the following benefits:

● ViroKill Protection:

A self-doctoring surface coating which is antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal. It keeps your space clean and aesthetically pleasing.

● Boiling Water Resistance:

For the humid atmosphere in India, these laminates are great because of their capacity to resist high temperature and humidity.

● Borer and Termite Resistance:

CenturyLaminates are protected with a coating of special resin that prohibits borer and termites to get past the protective layer.

● Color Fastness:

The unique overlay tissue layer on the CenturyLaminates ensures amazing quality and color pigment throughout the surface of the laminate.

● 7 Year Warranty:

With a quality like that, CenturyLaminates give you a warranty of 7 years so that you can be worry free and have beautiful interiors for years to come.

In a nutshell

With this magnificent bedroom decor material, you can bring in the essential energies for peace, calmness and love. So, what are you holding out for? Level-up the aesthetics of your bedroom today! Visit the CenturyPly E-Shop for doorstep delivery by clicking here:

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