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How to Safely Buy Plywood during Covid?

How to Safely Buy Plywood during Covid?  - CenturyPly

Plywood is considered one of the most important components of building a house. Not only was it historically popular, its appeal only seems to be increasing in the current times as it takes on new features in tandem with the many technological and manufacturing innovations. 


On an average, we spend around 20% of our total budget for interior decoration on plywood. That makes choosing the right plywood an indispensable decision. Moreover, plywood can be considered to be the heart of the interiors of a house, as it forms the base around which other elements can be inserted, hence choosing the right plywood for your project is essential.


If you are one of those people who are skeptical about the thought of building a new home or renovating a space during the pandemic, read on to find a simple way to safely buy plywood during the uncertainty of Covid.


The world is currently under siege to a deadly virus, cautioning people into staying indoors. At such a time, though it may seem impossible to be able to buy quality materials for your home, buying plywood online is actually a very simple task. With quality plywood available online, you don’t have to risk everything by stepping out and manually buying plywood in brick and mortar stores. 


Buying plywood has its own set of advantages. Not only can you order it from the comfort of your home, they get safely delivered to your doorstep in just a few days! There is no hassle of going from one store to another when you can browse through the range of plywood available on the screen of your latest gadget! 


If you are worried about the quality of plywood online, here is a list of points you can check to ensure you are getting the maximum value for your money.



How to Safely Buy Plywood during Covid?  - CenturyPly


1. Type of plywood: The first prerequisite of buying plywood online is to pick which type will be the most suitable for your project. Depending on the purpose and area of use, you can take your pick from MR grade plywood or BWP plywood. CenturyPly plywood range has a great selection of superior MR grade as well as BWP plywood. Choose MR grade for areas that aren’t prone to moisture and alternatively, you can pick BWP plywood for furniture that you anticipate might need protection from water damage.


Apart from the grade of plywood, you can choose what to go for by looking at their special properties. BWP plywoods of CenturyPly comes with some very special properties-- they are manufactured with ViroKill Technology which makes them antiviral in nature, capable of killing more than 99% viruses, bacteria, fungus & microbes. These antiviral plywood variants provide an additional advantage to your furniture and helps you create a healthy home environment in such a dire time. Not only that, they are completely borer & termite proof, provide superior protection from water damage and are super strong! Consider these properties before choosing the type of plywood for your home.


2. Assurance of Quality: Branded plywood might seem a tad costlier than unbranded plywood but it proves to offer you the best value for your money, taking into account its numerous benefits over the latter. There is an approximate difference of just 3% between the price of unbranded & branded plywood. In this miniscule price difference, you receive authentic plywood made from the best quality raw materials. 

Every unit of CenturyPly plywood undergoes various testing procedures on the parameters of strength, finish, borer and termite resistance, durability and more. To ensure this, we have deployed highly qualified and experienced quality controllers who are solely responsible for inspecting every product and ensure timely delivery to our respective customers without any flaws and defects. You can check the details and technical specifications of every product on our website, where we have published these specifications for your convenience.


3. Guarantee & Certifications: In order to assure our customers about the authenticity of our plywood available online, all CenturyPly product come with a warranty against borer and termite attacks. Additionally, you can contact our toll free number to get a warranty certificate for your purchased product. Moreover, CenturyPly have a dedicated complaint handling team that can resolve all queries and issues you may have with regards to the product you purchase. Our after sales service is best in class, as a result, you can be rest assured when purchasing a CenturyPly product.


4. Warranty: We trust our products and want our customers to trust them, too. Therefore, we always offer a warranty on all our products. This warranty may range from 5 years to 25 years to lifetime, depending on the product you choose. Always opt for a product that offers a warranty on it for assured peace of mind.


If you want to shop for plywood online, just visit our EShop, choose your delivery location, choose the products you want and hit the order button. You will soon get your favourite products delivered home. Buying quality plywood online is now that simple! What are you waiting for? Explore our Eshop here:

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