How to broaden your kitchen space with Lucida Laminates
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How to broaden your kitchen space with Lucida Laminates

Table of contents:

➔ Introduction

➔ Lucida: The recipe for a better kitchen

➔ How do Laminates add value your kitchen space

Learn how Lucida has redefined Laminates!

          ◆ Spotless Kitchens

          ◆ Protective Shield

          ◆ Unaffected by cooking heat

          ◆ Scuff Resistance

          ◆ Shades that speak volumes

          ◆ Abrasion Resistance

➔ What do experts say?

 In Conclusion


We do so much to transform the look of our interiors when renovating our beloved home. Although space remains the same, the look can be drastically different and even vast. So how is that easily achievable and can you have a broader space too? Let’s say for the kitchen?

Well this article covers all the reasons why your kitchen needs Lucida Laminates. You can broaden, gloss-up and mattify your kitchen as per the rest of your home interior. By the end of this 5 minute read article, you will feel more confident in your decor choices. Let’s get started.

Lucida: The recipe for a better kitchen

Since we all know the saying that looks can be deceiving sometimes, so why not dig deeper into the core. We are talking about your kitchen! CenturyLaminates offers a range of laminates available in different textures and designs. Here is a good recipe for a better looking and hygienic kitchen space:

1. Establishing your kitchen decor budget

2. Deciding between DIY and hiring an interior designer

3. Looking up some kitchen photos to get inspiration!

4. Inquiring about good materials for kitchen spaces

5. Making a pick from Lucida Laminates collection

6. Check Lucida in nearby stores or CenturyEShop

7. Get quality Laminates delivered to your doorstep

How do Laminates add value your kitchen space

CenturyLaminates from CenturyPly understands what your home needs and so we offer you various designs. From authentic wood laminates for your kitchen to quality plywood, your kitchen will be transversed with CenturyLaminates materials.

A new modern look with versatile products is offered by CenturyLaminates which is a leading manufacturer of top quality plywood and laminate sheets because they believe in fulfilling every customer’s requirement perfectly.

Learn how Lucida has redefined Laminates!

The following reasons will be enough to intrigue you for investing in these quality laminates. Thus, we will dive right into the features of Lucida Laminates:

 ● Spotless Kitchen:

The unique stain-resistant surface protection of Lucida Laminates keeps your surfaces looking like new for many years to come.

● Protective Shield:

The benefits of Virokill Technology layer over Lucida Laminates is as a protective shield that destroys 99.99% germs, microbes and covid-19 cell layers.

● Unaffected by cooking heat:

The Heat Resistant properties of these laminates make it the perfect fit for your kitchen interiors.

● Scuff Resistance:

The surface of these laminates does not get scratched easily so you don’t have to worry about the texture or design fading away for a long time.

● Shades that speak volumes:

You can rely upon the Color Fastness of these premium laminates since they do not dull over time.

● Abrasion Resistance:

Durability of Lucida Laminates assured for years, which means that long term use of kitchen cupboards and cabinets will cause no abrasion to the laminate.

What do experts say?

Either you are looking for a functional solution for your kitchen or a design bedazzled with glossy shine, CenturyLaminates has got you covered. Playing with the elements given below can make your kitchen space look more broad and open!

The interior design experts stick by these seven elements of decor, that are:

● Space

● Line

● Form

● Light

● Color

● Texture

● Pattern

With premium high Gloss - Lucida from CenturyLaminates, your kitchen checks at least five of the elements of decor. This means that a transformation is bound to happen when you bring in the power of quality laminates into your home. If you want some glossy or matte designs in your kitchen interiors, then Lucida range of CenturyLaminates is an outstanding choice to make.

In Conclusion

Investing in a kitchen is not about just the aesthetics, decor or design. With the Lucida range of CenturyLaminates you can have smart and hygienic kitchen interiors for years to come. With so many color and texture options, you're sure to find something wonderful to broaden and brighten your kitchen space!

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