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Factors to Keep in Mind While Making a Modular Kitchen

Factors to Keep in Mind While Making a Modular Kitchen - CenturyPly

If you are fond of cooking, chances are that the kitchen area of the house is your favourite. Keeping in mind that it is one of the busiest areas of the house, the kitchen area has to be properly planned to aid seamless work & promote both productivity and efficiency. A modular kitchen fits beautifully into this scenario.

The primary reason for the popularity of a modular kitchen design is the fact that every nook and corner is aptly used & accessible. At the same time, there exists a deluge of modular kitchen designs, carefully crafted to fit the cook’s personality, the overall decor of the house and more. So, the most essential part of setting up your kitchen is to choose the perfect layout, design, raw materials and such to achieve a highly functional & stylish kitchen space.

Are you wondering what all pointers should be kept in mind when you’re renovating the kitchen or designing a brand new one? Here is a go-to checklist for first-timers and others alike on how to get started with your modular kitchen design and plan.


The first task you need to cater to before delving deeper into the design of your new modular kitchen is to map out how much space you have for a kitchen. Whether you choose a U-shaped, L-shaped or a galley kitchen, the design heavily depends on the size available to work with.

Another factor to keep in mind is the triangle-rule -- for the uninitiated, a kitchen work triangle suggests installing the stove, the sink  and the refrigerator in such a manner that it's accessible from all corners easily, usually within a gap of four to nine feet. These three elements are considered to be the focal points in the kitchen and a large part of choosing a kitchen layout is deciding how these three essential items interact with each other. The most appropriate placement is when the stove and the refrigerator are placed opposite to each other with the sink in the centre of the two, thereby forming a triangle.

Pro tip: If you have a small area allotted for the kitchen, opt for a parallel or straight type of modular unit. Alternatively, if you have a larger space available, an Island kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen is perfect.


One of the most important decisions you will make about your new modular kitchen is regarding what materials to use in and around it. The principle behind a modular kitchen design is to make life simpler. Hence, experts suggest that it is only wise to use materials which are low in maintenance-- choosing to go with premium quality BWP plywood like Architect Ply or Club Prime plywood for a strong, durable and resilient kitchen is a must. These plywood variants are made from premium quality raw materials, are 100% borer and termite proof and super strong to provide you with a sturdy kitchen area. Adorn the bare plywood with high-gloss antiviral Lucida laminates and you’ve got a winner on your hands! Lucida laminates are not only beautifully lustrous but also scratch, mars & heat resistant, easy to clean and easy to insall. Such materials make cleaning the space easy and quick.


A kitchen is a long-term investment which means that getting the design, colour scheme, texture and appliances right is imperative. If you are not confident about an all-white kitchen due to the tough stains Indian cooking might leave, opt for bright colours to add an aura of invitation. Dark colours tend to attract heat and dirt. You can opt for a balanced look by mixing both bright & dark colours to achieve harmony. 

Pro tip: Make sure your kitchen colour compliments your overall home décor.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Making a Modular Kitchen - CenturyPly

When it comes to choosing between kitchen cabinets or open shelves, lean in favour of the latter option for a clean, contemporary and modern look. Display your prized crockery and kitchen utensils with ease and keep them at an easy-to-reach distance from the kitchen triangle for a seamless work experience.


Plywood countertops are a saviour in any modular kitchen set up. Chemically treated plywood that is fire-retardant, borer & termite proof, waterproof and has superior strength, like CenturyPly Firewall, are the perfect material you need for countertops that will never go out of style.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Making a Modular Kitchen - CenturyPly 

If you don’t want a kitchen area covered under a plume of smoke, ensure that it is properly ventilated.  One of the best ways of allowing ample ventilation is by way of large windows. Where this is not possible, exhaust fans and chimneys are practical alternatives.

If you are in the process of designing your own kitchen area, keep these points in mind and you’ll be off to a great start. For more advice about which plywood to choose for which part of the kitchen contact us through the enquiry form at CenturyPly. We will be happy to assist you make your dream kitchen a reality.

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