How Can Antiviral Laminates Help Create a Hygienic Ambience? - CenturyPly
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How Can Antiviral Laminates Help Create a Hygienic Ambience?

How Can Antiviral Laminates Help Create a Hygienic Ambience? - CenturyPly

The interior decor world was taken over by a storm when decorative laminates were first introduced. This revolutionary product made available in the Indian markets meant that designing modern, minimalistic & effortlessly beautiful homes on a budget was now possible.

With the rising popularity of decorative laminates, the decoratives industry has transformed-- new designs, textures, patterns are manufactured expertly while continuous innovation ensures that the customers are getting the best of what technology has to offer. Whether you are thinking of taking on a home improvement project, want to remodel your office or create a new ambiance, decorative laminates are now your best friend.

CenturyLaminates has always been at the forefront of applying innovation at work. As a result, our decorative laminates are designed after carefully studying the latest global trends, ensuring that our customers get what they want. Recent trends suggest that there is a heightened propensity to choose hygienic products in the endeavour to provide effective protection to one’s loved ones. Germs are not visible to the naked eye, yet can spread multiple infections. It is on the person to be careful and carry out cleaning and disinfecting often to save themselves from diseases. The pandemic has made everyone aware of the harm that a virus can cause and hence people are amplifying their precautionary measures.

After assessing the growing need for safer, better & more hygienic interior solutions, we introduced antiviral CenturyLaminates. Manufactured with efficient nanotechnology, aptly named a s’ViroKill technology’, all CenturyLaminates now have more than 99% efficacy against bacteria, fungus, microbes and viruses. Let us explore some ways they can be used to create a hygienic ambience.


How Can Antiviral Laminates Help Create a Hygienic Ambience? - CenturyPly

Gorgeous walla panels

Laminates are much more affordable than wood, yet they can give the same elegant and luxurious look at that solid wood has. A laminate paneled wall in your living room will catch everyone’s attention every time they visit your home. It will look especially gorgeous behind the television console or the dining table.

Faux Marble table

Tables made of stone are extremely expensive as they require a lot of work. However, their upscale look cannot be ignored. Laminates are a cost-effective way to get that same appearance. A dining table or a coffee table with a natural stone look can make your home look chic.

Bright, Inviting Kitchen

Laminates are the easiest to apply to horizontal surfaces and a kitchen countertop is an ideal place. Go with the solid-colored laminates for your kitchen to make it appear more lively and radiant. They are also easy to maintain but take care that you don’t use any abrasive cleaning agents when wiping the surface.

Aesthetic shelf and wall enclave

Giving a laminate finish to your bookshelf or wall enclaves can make your interiors pop. Try matte finish or the ever-loved wooden look to make your shelves interesting. You can also add a dollop of creativity by installing laminated in your inner wall enclaves and place art objects to make your home look minimalistic and artsy.

Decorative laminates can be used in almost any corner of the house!  The mammoth task of creating a safe home environment is now easier, thanks to antiviral laminates. Browse through our range of premium quality ViroKill laminates here:

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