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Have a long lasting first impression

Have you ever passed by a house that caught your attention at the first look and couldn’t get it out of your head? Well, that could be your house now!

The first thing a person notices when they’re visiting you, is your house. Your house is one of your opportunities to make good and long lasting impressions. Whether you’re hosting a house party or an office dinner, decorating and beautifying your home is essential and is a huge part of the hospitality you offer. Your house is your sanctity and making it beautiful means working on not just the interiors but the exterior look of it too. Not just to enhance the beauty of it but also to give your exteriors strength and life, exterior wall claddings are very important. 

Centuryply makes products that make your house beautiful and adds value to your life. With the same intention, we have designed CenturyExteria - Wall Cladding to give your house the style, strength and sustainability that it deserves. Picking a wall exterior has a lot of pros added to it. External wall claddings provide resistance to your house from all factors that pose a threat to your walls and keeps them from being damaged. CenturyExteria has a range of high-pressure laminate exterior cladding that promises to protect and beautify home and office walls.

Centuryply goes the extra mile to give customers the support they need to make beautiful homes. Designing new technologies and manufacturing products with the best quality is something we take pride in. We have designed CenturyExteria to be better than other local solutions available in the market and meets at par with foreign dry wall claddings. 

CenturyExteria is easy to install and take down. It is also reusable and it gives you the perfect set up for decorating your house on special occasions or just because you like coming home to see how gorgeous your exteriors look. Solid shades options include light beige, light grey and glaze yellow whereas woodgrain, stone and abstract options are deco walnut dark brown, tyrol pine and granum taupe. Give your guests a spectacular sight as they pull up in the driveway and CenturyExteria catches their eyes immediately. With a grand range of choices, you can choose Exteria to express your persona that your guests and visitors will remember you with.

There are several specifications about Exteria you won’t be able to find in the market. We offer perforated options if you need it unlike most other manufacturers of high-pressure laminates. Perforation is possible in our laminates the design requires to do so. We offer double hardened resin on Exteria which involves a tedious process to give the look and the strength to your walls.

CenturyExteria comes with a long life and we guarantee you that with a 10 year warranty. Will your beautified walls stay good looking too? Well, as a high pressure laminate exterior cladding, we only choose either European or Japanese decorative papers that assures that there are no quality issues like colour fading of the laminates when subjected to weather extremities. With several qualities ingrained in it like firefighting, impact resistance and resistance against changing weather conditions, you’re not only investing in beautifying your walls but also keeping them safe and secure. 

Choose CenturyExteria for your home today and choose to be known as “The Person With The Beautiful House'' while you sleep with no worry of your gorgeous walls and exteriors aging and decaying. 

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