Glossy Kitchen Laminate Design For The 21st Century Homes
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Glossy Kitchen Laminate Design For The 21st Century Homes

Table of contents:

➔      Introduction

➔      What does a modern home decor need?

➔      Lucida: beauty with quality features

➔      Applications of Lucida will make you delighted

➔      In a nutshell


What qualities do you look for in a good home decor? Finishing? Texture? Colour? Well you can incorporate all of this into your interior design with just one smart purchase decision. CenturyLaminates, India's leading laminate manufacturer, recommends Lucida! This article is not about who is the best, but rather, it is about what is best for your home decor.

So we will shed some light on the characteristics you should look for in a laminate design. Hopefully, you will get all of the information you need before purchasing a High-Quality Laminate for your area. Let's get started.

What does a modern home decor need?

Every era reflects different interior designs. As if it is a reflection, a peep into the lifestyle of the people living in it. The 80’s had home decor with glass and creative use of pastels. The traditional and geometric designs were popular in the 90s. However, the technological advancements have brought us much creative scope to play around with textures in the present day.

So what are the things that show the modernity of your 21st century home you ask? The flawless metallic gloss and matte finish designs are all over the internet these days. You might have stumbled upon some designs yourself. There are many ways to incorporate textures, colors and designs into your space. The best way is to use quality premium High Gloss laminates from Lucida!

Lucida: beauty with quality features

With Lucida, your interior not only wears the beauty of textures and colors but also quality! Here are some incredible features of Lucida Laminates:

ViroKill Technology:

This is one of the most valuable features of Lucida Laminates. They are infused with ViroKill Technology, which is a self-doctoring layer of protection against germs, microbes, viruses and bacterias.

Scuff Resistance:

The surface scuffs can make a room appear worn and old. Lucida is completely scratch resistant. So you can have an opulent finish and no scuff on your surfaces.

Abrasion Resistance:

It is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. Moreover, cleaning them is even easier. You only need a damp cloth to run over the surface. That's all. Best thing to have for every 21st century modern household.

Stain Resistant:

Lucida Laminates are stain-resistant, which is an obvious must-have! With a busy life, there is not much time for cleaning every surface. Then the stain resistant laminates are a great thing to have.

Heat Resistant:

This feature makes Lucida an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It can withstand years of use due to its high moisture and heat resistance. Lucida laminates are designed to withstand daily exposure to high temperatures.

Applications of Lucida will make you delighted

The limitations of every material's use are markedly different. When incorporating a new decor element, make sure it is appropriate for the space. That is no longer a deciding factor because you have already learned about the moisture and water resistance properties of Lucida Laminates. Check out these applications of Lucida:

●       Kitchen Countertops

●       Bedroom Wardrobe

●       Bathroom Walls

●       TV Unit Panels

●       Cabinet Decor

Hence,  you can use these lovely laminates in any room of your house without giving it a second thought.

In a nutshell

Strength, durability, and unique quality features are what make a home decor material sustainable and dependable. Lucida is one such material for a modern home. If you are in the middle of a home refurbishment, then do consider using quality laminates in your home decor. To know more about Lucida, click here:

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