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Exploring Silk Tuff Laminates

Exploring Silk Tuff Laminates - CenturyPly

Do you want to adorn your home interiors with the elegance of marbled designs without burning a hole in your pocket? Are you deciding between marbles & laminates for your decor? We bring you award-winning Silk-Tuff laminates that give you the benefits of High Pressure Laminates with the beauty of marbles!


CenturyLaminates have always studied the consumer demands thoroughly in order to create mesmerizing designs they like. In a quest to give them what their heart desired, CenturyLaminates created a line of European Matt-Finished Silk Tuff laminates that are available in striking solid colours as well as gorgeous marbled designs. Soon, these laminates became the center of many modern homes and the first choice for Indian interior designers and decorators. Read on to explore Silk Tuff CenturyLaminates in depth.


What makes CenturyLaminates special?

CenturyLaminates uses a unique technology in which special resins impart extra strength to its laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion. Silk Tuff laminates are an exotic range of decorative laminates characterized by higher color fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates available in the market today.


Special Features of Silk Tuff Laminates

Exploring Silk Tuff Laminates - CenturyPly

Silk Tuff laminates are manufactured using the highest quality imported European decorative papers. They have a classy European Matt Finish that lends a touch of sophistication to the overall ambience. Inherently resistant to scratches, abrasion, heat & moisture, these laminates are the ultimate saviour for your furniture surfaces. Made with hygienic ViroKill Technology, a form of nanotechnology that kills more than 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungus & microbes upon contact, these laminates not only provide protection to your furniture but also extend it to your family and loved ones.


Other USPs:

Colour Fastness - Silk Tuff laminates are available in every shade imaginable. You can let your creativity flow and choose from the most sought-after and trendy shades without worrying about colour fading or running.


Carpenter Friendly - These laminates apply on like a dream! They are intelligently designed to make the installation process seamless and easy.


Wide Range - Silk Tuff has comes in two distinct ranges: 

                         a) Silk Tuff Solid: These are matt-finished laminates in solid colours. Whether 

                             You want a hot-pink desk, a purple bed or a yellow closet, you can find the

                              Perfect shade to match your personality.

                         b) Silk Tuff Stones: These are exotic, special designs that replicate the marbled look of stones. They can elevate any piece of furniture to the next level!

Uniform Thickness - Silk Tuff laminates have a smooth surface and come in a uniform thickness to give a rewarding finish to your surfaces. The structural soundness of these laminates make for long-lasting and durable interiors.

Exploring Silk Tuff Laminates - CenturyPly

The natural charm of our Silk Tuff laminates is sure to appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities. Check the entire collection of these stunning Matt-finished laminates here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/lookbook-silktuff-stones.php#

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