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Enhance your in-doors!

Give yourself the grand-entrance you deserve, be it at your cousin’s wedding night or starting your day in the bathroom.

Doors are the most important part of your house. Why? Because that’s the beginning of it. Oftentimes people choose to keep it simple on the doors and window decor while splurging on other parts of their dream house. While selecting doors for houses, it is common to pick the best one for the main door and ignore the design opportunities that lie in-doors. We’re here to help you understand and pick the right doors that give you beautiful entrances. 

There are several doors that are involved in the construction of a house. Right from the front door to the bedroom doors, the bathroom doors, balcony doors and some even opting to add kitchen doors. Choosing the right kind of door can enhance the utility of it and the presentation of your room. To begin with, the front doors - the first impressions on your house begins with the main entrance. Picking a door that is bigger and wider gives the impression of your home being bigger whereas the bedroom doors should match the utility of it. Using bigger doors for your bedroom entrances can make your living room look smaller, especially if there are multiple doors on the same side. Your bathroom or kitchen doors need to be waterproofed and/or laminated. Given the changing temperatures, moisture content and liquids around these areas, staying safe with easy clean doors is a smart choice. 

Picking doors that match your theme for interior decor can add the sizzle to the overall look of your house. The cherry on top, your doors can express how you want your visitors and guests and guests to perceive your house as. A plain flush door can add the right colour or a grand decorative door can upscale the general outlook of your room. There are various ways and options to pick your entrances and we believe it can change the way your house feels. The changing trends in interior decor has widened its reach into wooden decor. A large number of people pick for an overall brown/rustic look and doors and windows are styled to match this theme but the design choices in wooden doors aren’t limited to this. There are different kinds and colours that doors come in. Several ready-to-use options also exist, making your decor job much easier.

 CenturyDoors works towards making your home beautiful and giving you safe, stable and sturdy doors that live long enough to witness your happy memories being made. We make doors that are durable and fit your design needs. CenturyDoors offers a wide set of options for you to choose from.

 Flush doors, as simple as it sounds, might be a plain choice but fits well into a minimalistic decor theme. Different colours or sizes, you can always work around a flush door to make it fit your requirements. Among Club Prime Doors, Bond Doors and Sainik Doors, we offer a range of choices based on your needs. If you’re looking for an option not too loud but manages to stand out among your vibrant interiors, you can pick panel moulded doors. These doors provide great aesthetic appeal with beautiful designs made on them   Plain, White, Metallic or Melamine door skin, we give you flavours of it. If you’re just looking to go all out on your doors and pick a bolder design, you can find your pick from Century Laminated, Century Veneers and Sainik Laminated doors in our decorative category which is the perfect option for design and durability in one go.

There are several ways to enhance your interiors and picking the right in-door is a simple effort with significant results.

 Know more - https://www.centuryply.com/centurydoors

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