CenturyPromise App helps Safeguarding Plywood Buyers Everywhere
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CenturyPromise App helps Safeguarding Plywood Buyers Everywhere

Worried about the authenticity of your purchase? CenturyPly promises numerous features to its customers. But from the customer's point of view, besides requiring multiple features, we also request proof of authenticity, easy access to the store, and query resolution.

Therefore, CenturyPly brings forward a CenturyPromise App. So there is no room for mistakes and the possibility of receiving fake products from customers.

Table of Contents

How Does CenturyPromise Serve You?

  ○ Check the Authenticity

  ○ Download E-Certificate

  ○ Tack Previous Purchases

  ○ Data Security

  ○Detail Oriented Information

Prerequisite for CenturyPromise

Steps To Follow

CenturyPromise: A Platform for Sharing Feedback Too


How Does CenturyPromise Serve You

Will the app save private information? Should we trust the app to fill in the personal details required for the registration of the customers? We understand there is so much to worry about when using an online application. Therefore, we are here to clarify all the doubts of our loyal customers and make them feel comfortable.

Check the Authenticity

When you are buying the product, or you get the delivery, we recommend checking the authenticity of the product. It will ensure that you are investing in the right products. The app provides detailed information on each product you wish to purchase. Download it beforehand for easy and efficient confirmation.

Download E-Certificate 

Coincidentally faced certain quality issues? Do not worry. We respect your concern and provide comforting services for all your needs. The E-Certificate of your plywood and laminates is essential to us when you are willing to register any complaint or prove the authenticity claim to your buyer. In such cases, CenturyPromise provides downloadable E-Certificate. It confirms authenticity whenever you think a complaint is required for any of the products.

Tack Previous Purchases 

CenturyPromise lets you keep a record of all your purchases in hand. Go to the "code history" to know all your previous purchases. If you want to recommend one of the favourite products you have ordered previously, you can easily check your profile, where all your purchases and saved history are provided.

Data Security

You will be entering your phone number, name or email address. We assure you to never share these with other third parties, thus maintaining complete privacy. Privacy is a common consumer concern before filling in any detail while installing an application. We ensure the app does not save your information other than your location. Furthermore, the app always confirms all your filled details before confirming any purchase.

Detail Oriented Information 

Unsure about the specifics of your choice? Or want to know the exact specifications of the delivered product? We have got you covered. Scanning the product gives more than authentication information. It enlists information about product name, distinctive code, brand name, thickness, size, manufacturing date and plant name.

Prerequisite for CenturyPromise

All you need is

● A smartphone: For the easy presence of other requirements.

● Working camera: Any quality is acceptable (we do not demand the highest pixel). It is just to scan the QR code.

● A phone number: Required to create an account or log in.

● Internet connection: A stable and regular speed internet connection (no need to look for a high-speed internet connection).

● Storage: Enough to download and install the app

These are among the basic amenities people generally have, so we do not require extra effort from your side.

Steps To Follow

Step 1

Go to the app store or Play Store depending upon the phone, apple or Android. Search for 'CenturyPromise' and click on the 'Install' button.

Step 2

Go to the downloaded app. You will be prompted to create an account or enter login details.

Step 3

Look for the QR scanner and scan the bought product.

Step 4

You will be receiving confirmation about authenticity. Besides, you will also get all the related details about the product you are scanning.

Step 5

Proceed to download the e-certificate.

CenturyPromise: A Platform for Sharing Feedback Too

Post-shopping products, we have a variety of emotions concerning the product. Thus, if you have any complaint, CenturyPly respects and tries to resolve it. Since we deliver quality products, we will be glad to know the happiness and satisfaction we brought to your face. Reach out to us with any feedback, suggestions or comments indicating room for improvement.


CenturyPly brings you an app dedicated to bringing a smile to your face and easing all your queries and questions. Besides helping you shop from the comfort of your home, we serve to check the authenticity of your products for quality assurance, bringing mental peace and emotional satisfaction. Now no more doubts about the authenticity of the seller and the received product. Focus on other important tasks like designing your space for that eye-catching look. We wish you a comfortable and sweet home.

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