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Antiviral Plywood for Your Closet Space

Antiviral Plywood for Your Closet Space - CenturyPly

Your closet is an essential part of your home-- whether you choose a modern design or a traditional one, it is impossible to imagine a well-designed, well-organised home without a wardrobe. It is because of its indispensable nature that you should choose antiviral plywood for your closet area. Antiviral plywood helps you build a stunning wardrobe and helps you become worry-free about viruses and bacteria that may inadvertently land on it.

Closets can be designed in a few different ways-- a walk-in closet is one of the most common designs that is modern, classy and also saves a lot of space. A built-in wardrobe is also an excellent option for homes that are low on space. A traditional standalone wardrobe is a go-to option for large families. No matter what design you choose, CenturyPly antiviral plywood will help you achieve it.

Antiviral Plywood for Your Closet Space - CenturyPly

Antiviral plywood is a fantastic choice for closets and super versatile, too, which you can choose to dress up or dress down with CenturyLaminates to make the closet look classy, elegant and match with the interiors of your home.

Closets made with CenturyPly’s antiviral plywood will stay virus-free for a long time. They will not only resist them, but also kill more than 99% of the viruses, bacteria, fungus or microbes that happen to land on its surface, saving you the effort of cleaning it multiple times.

Antiviral Plywood for Your Closet Space - CenturyPly

Being a high-touch furniture element, you might be scared to touch your closet due to the fear of toxic chemicals but you will be happy to know that ViroKill technology, the technology behind our antiviral plywood, is completely non-hazardous and safe to touch for everyone at home.

Now, Raho Befikar when it comes to designing a hygienic and strong closet space with CenturyPly antiviral plywood. Learn all about out entire range of antiviral plywood here: 

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