A safer home is a better home
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A safer home is a better home

Your adobe is considered as the best place to reside in as it is the safest place you’ll ever find. It is only your home that gives you the comfort to be you and allows you to make memories with your loved ones. Although, oftentimes you overlook the risks that surround your home as you might not be aware of it yourself.

There are dangerous equipment used at home like electric cookers, gas cookers and many such things that can act like a threat to your house. These things have become part of the day-to-day lives of everybody and hence, it is only logical to think of reasons through which you can prevent any fire accidents at home and maintain safety. 

Fire is depicted as a living substance consuming both oxygen and matter in order to survive. The heat and smoke from the fire can be more life threatening than fire itself. The smoke of burning wood can make you dizzy and disoriented because it creates toxic gases that lowers your alertness level. The question that arises is - what should one do to prevent such accidents?

Drop your worries as we have the answer! To tackle the problem, CenturyPly has innovated a fire-fighter plywood to ensure safety in interiors. This plywood is made using a game-changer technology known as the Firewall technology which makes the plywood in your spaces absolutely fire-retardant. After all, it is only possible to live better and fully when the houses are perfectly secured and CenturyPly’s Firewall technology does just that.

How does CenturyPly Firewall plywood ensure safety?

1. Low flammability: As compared to any regular plywood, this plywood does not catch fire very easily. Due to this attribute, it gives you enough time to plan your actions mindfully if the house catches fire and even gives enough time to evacuate. Firewall plywood can resist catching fire for upto 30 mins. 

2. Low spreadability: This plywood uses nano-engineered particles with fire-fighting properties. This wood resists the penetration of fire for approximately 50 minutes and this can lessen the damage that a fire accident is capable of causing otherwise.

3. Less smoke: More deaths in any fire accident are caused due to inhalation of the toxic fumes. The toxic fumes block the lungs and make it difficult to breathe. Hence, this plywood reduces the amount of smoke emission and the risk of suffocation.

To be assured that the plywood works just as the way it is described, let us inform you that all the above mentioned tests are conducted and have been approved under the standard benchmarks specified by -

a. Indian Standards IS 5509

b. American Standards ASTM E84

c. British Standards BS 476

Preventing something is always way better than investing time in curing it. Hence, live a better life as you maintain 100% safety at your house with CenturyPly Firewall plywood which has been certified as the best in class to fight fire accidents in the country 

Know more at: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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