Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About CenturyDoors
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Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About CenturyDoors

Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About CenturyDoors

CenturyDoors is one of the premier manufacturers and sellers of premium quality flush doors in India. Producing a versatile range of doors and door frames, CenturyDoors staunchly adheres to stringent quality standards, ensuring that they perform the dual function of embellishing your entrances and protecting your loved one’s from harm’s way.

Its popularity among many Indian homeowners, contractors and other professionals brings with it certain Frequently Asked Questions about CenturyDoors that may cross your mind. In this blog, we will be exploring such questions and answering them for your convenience.

Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About CenturyDoors

Q. 1. What kind of doors does CenturyDoors make?

Answer: CenturyDoors is known for manufacturing a range of different doors that fits every budget, without compromising on quality. Each CenturyDoor is made with the best raw materials and undergoes constant scrutiny to ensure premium quality of each door. A customer can choose from the following doors:

a)    CenturyDoors Club Prime: These are high-quality boiling waterproof doors of high density that act as excellent insulators against dust, heat and noise and provide great aesthetic appeal. The Century Club Prime Door comes with a 10 year warranty and uses the patented GLP technology that makes the doors termite and borer proof.

b)    CenturyDoors Pro: Manufactured to have high resistance against water damage, these doors come with high strength, quality and character. Their smooth surface ensures aesthetic appeal and superior bonding of laminates and veneers. The CenturyDoors Pro come with a 7 year warranty.

c)    Sainik Doors: Be it commercial or residential applications, eco-friendly Sainik Doors protect any entrance, thanks to its modern technology and manufacturing process. The Sainik Doors come with a 5 year warranty and does not cost you a fortune.

d)    Moulded Panel Doors : Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, Panel Moulded CenturyDoors come in a range of crafted, designer looks that  creates an instant and long lasting  appeal. The Moulded Panel Doors also come with a 5 years warranty. 

Q. 2. What are the benefits of CenturyDoors?

Answer: CenturyDoors come with a range of benefits that help make your home secure & protected while setting a style statement for your doorways. All CenturyDoors come with the following features:

-       Premium Quality

-       Boiling Waterproof

-       Borer & Termite Resistant

-       Swell Proof

-       Slam Proof

-        Provision for Lock Installation on Both Sides

Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About CenturyDoors

Q. 3. Where can we buy CenturyDoors from?

Answer: You can easily purchase CenturyDoors from a dealer near you. You can locate a CenturyDoors dealer here:

Alternatively, you can opt to shop online and place your order of CenturyDoors from our Eshop here:

Q. 4. What is the average price of CenturyDoors?

Answer: You can get pricing from any CenturyDoors Authorized Dealer. Simply contact a dealer with your design, size and other specifications directly or you can submit a “Get A Quote” request on any specific door through our online catalog.

We have answered some of your most frequently asked questions. If you still have further questions about CenturyDoors, check out our website here:

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