An Epitome of Premium Quality at Reasonable Price
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An Epitome of Premium Quality at Reasonable Price

Want the experience of creating furniture with the best plywood quality, but don't want it to be heavy on your pocket? Then the house of CenturyPly has something in store for you! With constant research, innovations, and the promise to fulfill customer needs, we have curated a plywood range that's the epitome of premium quality and reasonable price.

Sainik 710, a BWP (boiling waterproof) grade plywood, is highly praised for its strength and boiling waterproof features and is a great choice for all your furniture needs. Moreover, this plywood comes with a 8 year warranty against borer and termite attacks. This surprisingly affordable plywood is produced from rotary-cut, smooth veneers sourced from specially chosen eco-friendly timber.

Picking the right building materials that fit in the budget is a dominant part of the planning process that comes with both construction and renovation. On this note, let's understand what makes Sainik 710 the perfect plywood for your adobe.

Timeless Bathrooms With Elements of Wood
Spaces made with plywood have always been a timeless trend in the design industry. Plywood is always the go-to product to build beautiful and strong designs. However, there's a slight doubt about using it in areas like bathrooms, where the water inflow is continuous. But no more. Sainik 710 comes to you after passing the stringent quality tests and is completely boiling waterproof. Thus, with maximum assurity, you can now make your bathrooms just the way you have always imagined.

Functional and Inviting Kitchen Area
We now know that Sainik 710 is totally boiling waterproof and also weather resistant. Also, because more layers of ply are used to make this humble product, it performs well on the parameter of strength too. Sainik 710 comes with increased durability and does not warp or bend under adverse conditions. These properties make it a perfect choice for you to give your kitchen a fresh and inviting appeal without spending a fortune. Get this plywood at just Rs 99 per sq/ft. and use it for all your furniture needs.

Hygienic Spaces With Borer and Termite Proof features
Clearly, we are fans of this plywood, and there's one more reason for it. Sainik 710 is not only bend-proof, waterproof, and budget-proof. But there's more to it. It is also borer and termite proof to protect you from unwanted pest attacks. So, with umpteen properties, you can now be foolproof about creating strong and hygienic spaces in your home.

So, now when you are looking for plywood that is well-regarded both for the quality and affable prices, you know the answer. Create durable and aesthetic designs with Sainik 710 plywood, today! Check out more on ​​​​​​​

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