Add a Bit of Personality to Your Lounge Area With Lucida!
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Add a Bit of Personality to Your Lounge Area With Lucida!

The living room is that place in your house where all the family members and friends come together for a celebration. Undoubtedly it is the heart of your home. Therefore, you must give it a welcoming and warm look. Everything in your lounge needs to be impressive, elegant, and stylish, from the furniture to the decorative pieces to the wall.

The Lucida laminates are the best solution to adding life and style to your interiors. Are you wondering why?

Continue reading to learn about Lucida premium hi-gloss laminates, the easiest way to style your house.

What are Lucida Laminates?

Lucida is a special hi-gloss laminate curated by CenturyLaminates. They are available in a wide range of textures and colours with a mirror-like finish to protect and beautify each and every corner of your living room. In addition, it gives you multiple options in four categories, namely, glitters, solids, woodgrains, and stones. 

All the Lucida laminates have high resistance against stains, abrasion, and scuffs. Therefore, you can host a family get-together or a friend's party without worrying about the stains on your walls or furniture because they have an extra protective layer that is easy to clean.

How do Lucida Laminates Reflect Your personality?

People want to give a personal touch to their living room so that it reflects their taste and persona. Decorating the house according to your style not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Lucida Laminates has countless options to choose from for your home decor. The textured laminates range from solid colours to wood and marble textures. Moreover, these laminates not only compliment your personality but also ensure the high longevity of your furniture.

Some benefits offered by Lucida laminates are:

       It brings life to the interiors of your house.

       Protects the cabinets from stains and other environmental damage.

       It makes the cleaning process convenient.

 All the attributes of these laminates make them the best option for decorating your living room according to your style. Therefore, if you have recently bought an apartment or are considering refinishing your old home, choose Lucida laminates to own your space. Now let's look at the features of these premium hi-gloss laminates.

USPs of Lucida Laminates

These laminates are specially designed to give an ultra-modern look to your house. Moreover, these 1mm laminates are curated for a flawless luxurious lounge. These premium quality laminates with mirror-like finish have the following feature that makes them the perfect companion for your home decor purposes:

       Heat resistant

       Imagine you have arranged a get-together, and you place a hot bowl of noodles on a table. A general laminate may get destroyed when it contacts excess heat. However, Lucida laminates are highly heat resistant, meaning they can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius. Thus it provides safety to your tables so you can enjoy your time with your friends.

       Virokill Technology

      In the present times, everyone is concerned about maintaining the hygiene of their house. Therefore, Lucida laminates are reinforced with revolutionary technology that kills 99.99% of the viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness and disinfection of the house and its residents.

       Scuff resistant 

     The high gloss Lucida laminates are scuff resistant to provide protection from scratch and scuffs during the transit and installation process. This feature ensures your interiors and the furniture like cabinets, tables, chairs, etc., remain clean and spotless for a long time.

       Impact resistant

       These laminates have a special top layer that provides excellent impact resistance. This is one of the crucial features for protecting your living room furniture from the damage caused by the falling of heavy objects.

       Colour fastness 

       The living room is that space of the house that welcomes everyone, be it the family members or guests. Therefore, the furniture here is exposed to daily wear and tear. This ultimately results in the dullness of the cabinets, which hampers the look of the whole house. However, the Lucida laminates have incredible colour fastness technology because they are resistant to a xenon arc light. This makes their colour last longer, which reduces the visibility of daily wear and tear.

       Abrasion resistant

       Most glossy laminates lose their shine within a few years because of the regular cleaning process. However, Lucida laminates are tested to offer 90% gloss retention even after getting scrubbed with calibrate. This feature provides a guarantee that your furniture will have a bright shine for a very long time.


The Lucida laminates are an excellent solution for styling your house in a stylish and modern way while maintaining the durability of the furniture. Moreover, the vast array of options in texture and colour ensure you get the best choice for decorating your living room. In addition to this, the convenient buying process through the e-store is like a cherry on top.

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