Achieve Architectural Excellence with Sainik 710 Ply in Exterior Cladding
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Achieve Architectural Excellence with Sainik 710 Ply in Exterior Cladding

When making or renovating your home, getting the right materials is one of the important aspects. And CenturyPly is known for providing some of the best materials on the market. One such material is the Sainik 710, which has many attractive qualities. These qualities are preferred by furniture makers, constructors, and interior designers, making Sainik 710 a hit among people. 

Sainik 710 helps with the exterior cladding of your home. Exterior cladding means that Sainik 710 gives your home and furnishings a protective layer like an envelope. Hence, you can use Sainik 710 in various ways to protect your home. 

Table of Contents

       Use Sainik 710 as Exterior Cladding for Your Home

o   BWP Grade

o   Protection from Termites and Borers

o   Bend Resistant

o   Long Warranty

       Superior Functionalities and Price of Sainik 710


Use Sainik 710 as Exterior Cladding for Your Home

Using Sainik 710 is among the best choices if you want to make your furnishings last long and have all the protection they need. Hence, Sainik 710 protects your furnishings and home in some of the following ways: 

BWP Grade

One of the significant things that affect the quality and durability of your furniture is moisture. Hence, Sainik 710 focuses specifically on protecting your furniture from moisture. It protects by being entirely boiling waterproof. You can even conduct a 72-hour test to see whether Sainik 710 is waterproof. Normal plywood will disintegrate within an hour of boiling water contact. On the contrary, Sainik 710 will remain as strong as before. It is one of the strongest pieces of evidence of the inherent strength of Sainik 710. 

Protection from Termites and Borers

Another thing that affects your furniture is attacks from termites and borers. However, Sainik 710 has a special Glue Line Protection technology that protects your furniture from all pests and termites. Sainik 710 has treatments that give on-demand protection which adds to the longevity of your furnishing in any condition. 

Even if you have an old property and, because of its age, some rooms are dark and damp while infested with termites, Sainik 710 will perform remarkably well against protecting your furnishing from existing mites.

Bend Resistant

Generally, ordinary plywood sheets can bend on occasions when they have a heavy weight on them or are soaked with water. But this does not happen with Sainik 710. Sainik 710 remains unaffected by any water spilled on its surface; it will not bend due to either pressure or moisture on the plywood. 

Such a feature allows your furniture to be strong and durable even when you keep any heavy utensils on top of it. And even with utensils or piles of objects, they will not bend due to pressure. 

Long Warranty

Sainik 710 not only comes with the claims of attractive features, but it also provides a long warranty to back up each of its claims. When you continuously use your furniture made out of Sainik 710, your material will last even longer. Hence, with a single investment in a durable material, you can make your furnishings last longer than a decade without any replacement or payment for extra maintenance.

When investing in some of the essential furnishings of your house that will be in your kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else, it is always wise to choose the best. And Sainik 710 is one of the best materials in the market. 

Superior Functionalities and Price of Sainik 710

Now that you have familiarised yourself with all the major features of Sainik 710, you can discover more about its utilitarian functionalities. Some of these functionalities include the following:

        Sainik 710 comes with a large variety, allowing you to customise the material as much as you want. You can make your home aesthetically pleasing by giving your furnishings your style with the feature-rich elements of Sainik 710.

        Sainik 710 is among some of the most flexible and versatile materials. Hence, you can be incredibly creative with the material. You can use it in any way possible and do not need to be limited to only furnishings.[2] 

Even though Sainik 710 has unending functionalities and elements that make it unique in the market, it is also preferred due to its price range. The pricing of Sainik 710 is Rs. 109 per unit. Each of its units is approximately 929 sq. cm, and the pricing already includes GST. Moreover, you can purchase Sainik 710 from all over India at this price. It means you pay the same price irrespective of where you buy your material. 


Sainik 710 is a revolutionary material that provides all the qualities of durable plywood. And it has been set at an affordable price range for most people. Hence, Sainik 710 is reasonably preferred by professionals from different industries. And it is also preferred because it's perfect to be used in both commercial and residential spaces. So even if you need material for the furnishings of your office, Sainik 710 is the perfect plywood for everything. 

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