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A modern approach for your modern homes


What approaches come to your mind when you think of a modern house? Are you thinking of
a home that follows current design trends? Then you are incorrect! Including modern devices
in your home and making it decorative is not a definition of a modern home.

A popular choice for modern house design is a style identified by specific features. The soul
of modern homes is selecting the best from the old designs and blending them with modern
mechanics. Modern home designs are becoming increasingly simple today, and CenturyPly
PVC board and Zykron are making this process easier.
How can you provide a modern approach to your modern home? This blog will let you know
more about CenturyPly PVC board and Zykron.

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Characteristics of Modern Homes

Modern homes include modern design. Unlike contemporary decor, modern designs are all
about decluttering, simplicity and eliminating unnecessary detailing.

CenturyPly presents a wide range of PVC boards and Zykron that can provide a modern
approach to your modern home.

About PVC boards and sheets

CenturyPly is constantly developing itself. You can use various types of plywood, laminates,
PVC boards, and other building materials per your requirements.
As the construction industry is the biggest and most continuous working industry, CenturyPly
understands its needs. Therefore, it has developed various PVC boards and sheets that are
super easy to maintain, install, and even reinstall.
PVC sheets manufactured by CenturyPly have many advantages.
● Eco-friendly and long-lasting.
● Reduces the impact on the environment.
● Used in an ample of ways.
● 100% water and termite proof.

Types of PVC boards and sheets

CenturyPly provides a large variety of PVC boards and sheets. Each has its unique features
and qualities. You can select to provide a modern approach for your home from the following

1. CenturyPVC Prime:

● Highly durable.
● 100% water and termite-proof.
● Best for kitchens, bathrooms, back liners, toilets, etc.

2. CenturyPVC Select:

● Incredibly versatile.
● Weather resistant.
● 100% waterproof.

3. CenturyPVC Neo:

● Easy to install.
● Minimal maintenance.
● Affordable.
● Eco-friendly.
● 100% water, borer, and termite-proof.

4. CenturyPVC CNC:

● Easy to install.
● Minimal maintenance.
● Affordable.
● Eco-friendly.
● 100% water, borer, and termite-proof.

5. CenturyPVC Grey:

● Easy to install.
● Minimal maintenance.
● Affordable.

6. CenturyPVC Select Door:

● Boiling waterproof doors.
● Eco-friendly.
● Weather resistant.
● Termite and borer-resistant.

7. Century WPC Door Frame Classic or Prime:

● Easy to work with.
● Eco-friendly.
● Stiff and recyclable.
● Heat resistant.
● Made up of wood waste, natural fibres, and plastic.

About CenturyPly Zykron

Zykron is a highly versatile building material. It is an evolved form of fibre cement board.
As the name suggests, these boards are made from the mesh of fibre and cement and are a
commonly used product in the construction industry. Maintaining, handling, and installing
Zykron fibre cement sheets is easy.

It is available in two types: Zykron HD Board and Zykron Siding Board. The advantages of
Zykron fibre cement sheet that makes it better than other are given below:

● Resistant to moisture, borer, and termite.
● Resistance to Fire and weather conditions.
● Works immaculately in commercial, residential, and industrial segments with
promising results.
● Extremely versatile building material.
● Gives interior designers a lot of extents to play around with textures and bring out the
best outcomes.

Uses of Zykron fibre cement sheets

1. It is highly tough and can withstand thunderstorms. Thus, it is a perfect solution for
external wall cladding.
2. It is seepage free and does not let rainwater penetrate the house.
3. You can opt for internal wall cladding, also.
4. Using it for kitchen partitions gives your home a modern look.
5. Using it in washing partitions in the bathroom increases the space.
6. It is made up of waterproof materials.
7. It can also be used as partitions in studio apartments.


The modern design emphasises function, simplifies the home, and removes unnecessary frills.
CenturyPly is the best option for designing your homes with modern aesthetics. They can
provide your home with clean lines, neutral and earthy colour palette, and limited, practical, and minimal decor. Moreover, the designs of your furniture will be clutter-free, which provides your home with a contemporary look. So what are you waiting for? Change your furniture and decor today and get the best look for your dream home by clicking on the link right here: https://www.centuryply.com/

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