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What is Antiviral Plywood & Where Can We Buy It

What is Antiviral Plywood & Where Can We Buy It - CenturyPly

Interior hygiene should be made an essential part of our everyday life, especially at a time when the world is reeling under the effects of an invisible threat of global proportions. Although extremely necessary, controlled exposure to sunlight, dusting the home furniture or wiping the surfaces once a week is not enough to ensure threats from microbes and viruses are eliminated. If you want to establish a strong foundation of furniture hygiene at home or office, antiviral plywood from the house of CenturyPly is the way to go. Let us understand what it is, how it works and where it is available for purchase.


What is Antiviral Plywood & Where Can We Buy It - CenturyPly

You may feel that your home is clean because you have just mopped the floor, wiped the furniture surfaces and made the beds with clean bed sheets, but if you are not careful about cleaning these highly porous surfaces, then there is a high probability that your furniture is already swarming with bacteria, fungus, viruses and dust mites. To eradicate these threats unseen by the naked eye, bring home Century Plywood with ViroKill Technology that kills 99.99% bacteria, microbes, fungus and viruses. Our range of  plywood now comes with Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial properties. This is possible as  the manufacturing process uses nanotechnology in which highly energised nanoparticles are ingrained on the plywood surfaces. When bacteria, fungus or virus land on these plywood surfaces, their cell walls are ruptured, effectively killing them through contact-killing mechanisms.

The unique part about the antiviral properties of Century plywood is that the ViroKill properties are unreachable-- this means that they cannot be washed away and remain till your furniture is in perfect condition, throughout its lifetime. This is made possible because the Nanoparticles are embedded in the polymer matrix system. Unless and until the surface is not chemically and physically damaged, the effects of ViroKill won’t be depleted. 

Antiviral plywood gives you the opportunity to safeguard your loved ones from deadly diseases that can be caused by microbes and viruses. It has a wide application and can be used to make furniture for any part of the home or office-- create stunningly stylish sofas for the living room, storage cabinets for the kitchen, sturdy bed frames for the bedroom, comfortable furniture for the office conference room, and much more and be rest assured about the health and hygiene of those you care about.


What is Antiviral Plywood & Where Can We Buy It - CenturyPly

Apart from the antimicrobial and antiviral properties, Century Plywood comes equipped with many attractive features to give you highly durable furniture:

Borer & Termite Proof - CenturyPly is one of the few companies providing a warranty against borer and termite attacks in every product. By using a unique Glue Line Protection or GLP formula containing a specially formulated preservative treatment applied to fortify the plywood, the plywood is effectively shielded  from any kind of borer or termite attack on its surface, edge and every layer of it for a long time. This ensures that your furniture stays brand new for years to come. CenturyPly provides warranties against such borer and termite attacks which can range from 5 years up to lifetime.

Boiling Waterproof - Our plywood is made by using the highest quality Phenol Formaldehyde resin, known to have great adhesive quality. It gives the property to the plywood of resisting moisture and water, making the plywood waterproof. We use undiluted resin so that the quality of the plywood is not compromised with.

Superior Strength - Plywood is made cross bonded layers of core veneers and panel veneers.. To give added strength to our plywood sheets, we use more number of plies and have a superior glue sheer strength. This means that every Century plywood sheet is super strong, durable, resilient and can be used to provide unmatched strength to your furniture.

Warp & Bend Proof - The mark of a good quality plywood is that it doesn’t change its shape under pressure. Our plywood sheets are manufactured to be highly resistant to warping or bending so that your furniture maintains its original shape even after undergoing everyday wear and tear.


We understand that the demand for antiviral plywood has risen to combat the current unforeseen circumstances. Keeping our customers’ interests in mind, we have begun home delivery so that you can shop antiviral plywood at the click of a button from the comfort of your couch. Just visit our E-shop or place your order through eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart and avail the convenience of doorstep delivery.

Now that you know everything about antiviral plywood, browse our range of products here and secure your home or office space with Century Plywood with ViroKill: https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury

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