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Plywood for Every Budget

Plywood for Every Budget - CenturyPly

Are you looking forward to designing your new house? Maybe you are thinking of renovating your office or are just looking to redesign the kitchen area. No matter what question is on your mind, choosing an appropriate type of plywood will potentially solve all your interior problems. 

Plywood is used to make almost all the furniture you see in a modern home. This means that 70% of the budget of redesigning a house depends on how wisely you choose the plywood for your furniture. Therefore, it is essential to have all the necessary details to make an informed decision about which plywood is perfect for which area of the house without exceeding your  budget.

If you want to know the different types of plywood available in the market, its price range and recommended use, read on!

CenturyPly offers a wide range of plywood varieties that is sure to fit into your budget and fulfill your interior needs. The price of plywood varies according to the raw materials, adhesives & additives used, the manufacturing process, added benefits like warranty, guarantee of quality and so on.

Price according to type of plywood:

Plywood for Every Budget - CenturyPly

We offer two grades of plywood for sale-- MR or commercial ply and BWP plywood. 

Moisture-Resistant (MR) plywood, commonly known as commercial plywood conforms to IS 303 grade. Moisture resistant wood is recommended for areas that aren’t exposed to water or moisture: wardrobes, bed-side tables, beds, TV units, etc. It is strong and durable and is cheaper than the other grades of plywood.

Recommended Plywood: WIN MR, Sainik MR

Boiling Water Proof (BWP) plywood is the best grade of plywood available, automatically making it more expensive than MR plywood. It has the highest resistance to water, moisture & temperature fluctuations and is preferred as it provides great value-for-money. Although BWP plywood can be used anywhere in the house, it is especially effective in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, coffee table or dining table where there is a high probability of water exposure.

Recommended Plywood: ArchitectPly, Club Prime, Firewall, Bond 710, Sainik 710.

Price according to thickness of plywood:
Different grades of plywood are available in different sizes for a reason. The thickness depends on how many layers of plies makes up one sheet of plywood. Usually, the thicker the sheet, the stronger or tougher it is. But that doesn’t mean that thinner plywood sheets are weak; they are as strong as they need to be. 

Plywood sheets are available in different thicknesses to make it easier for the customers to shop for a particular purpose. For instance, if you need plywood for your bed frame, you will choose a thicker plywood than what you’d choose for a wall panelling. 

All our plywood varieties are available in different thicknesses to aid your selection process: they are available in thicknesses such as 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, & 19mm.

Price according to added features of plywood:

Plywood for Every Budget - CenturyPly

Some CenturyPly plywood have been specially formulated so that they have added benefits.

For instance, all our plywood variants such as Club Prime, Architect Ply, Firewall, Sainik 710, Bond 710, Win MR have complete borer & termite protection. They are manufactured with a unique GLP formula that makes the plywood completely borer & termite proof. A warranty on borer & termite attacks is also included, ranging anywhere from 5 years to 25 years to lifetime on their products. 

The reason why plywood is the top choice for furniture-making is that it is a versatile material and can be cut into any shape or design as desired. It is easiest to work with and makes luxury affordable by giving a classy look wherever it is used. We offer numerous options for plywood to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Now, you can sit comfortably at home and shop plywood from our Eshop:

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