7 Interior Design Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now
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7 Interior Design Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now

Have you been guilty of scrolling through endless pictures of beautiful homes on a week-day? Then this blog is just right for you!

We are someone who is perpetually on the lookout for inspiring products that can adorn your homes or offices and take them to the next level of interior decor.  That is why we understand that the idea of decorating one’s home or office can be stressful. There is constant pressure to follow the latest trends and an explosion of sources to take inspiration from. It is this deluge of information that can be overwhelming and unnerving. With our sole aim of finding decor that not only makes your apartment aesthetically appealing, we bring you 7 Instagram accounts you should follow for interior decor inspiration!

1. @shaliniganguliinteriors

All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors

She is one of the most renowned names in the interior decor scene and one look at her Instagram page will answer why. Her modern, chic and contemporaneous take on interior decor is bound to impress and inspire you.

2. @villasofmint

Once you stop by their Instagram page, there will be no turning back! Their feed is full of vibrant furniture decor ideas and you’ll be awed by the simplicity & the depth of each of their design ideas.

3. @serendipitydelhi

All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors

Want a picturesque tour of Morocco, the Middle East and Mughal India, right from your home? Then, take a look at their Instagram page and lose yourself in their aesthetically done traditional home-decor inspiration.

4. @krsnaamehta

If you absolutely adore playful interiors and pops of big, bold colours, Krsnaa Mehta’s Instagram handle is the place to be. Each Instagram post is a sensorial experience and will leave you mesmerised.

5. @theeastcoastdesi

All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors

Shruthi Singh, the woman behind The East Coast Desi,  is a visual story-teller who archives and shares inspiration relating to Global decor, photography, travel and food through her Instagram handle. You are bound to be hooked to her eclectic collection Instagram feed.

6. @shabnamguptainteriors

She is a veteran in the business and a leading interior designer. She also designs her own furniture, home decor accessories. Give her Instagram page a look and you will find a plethora of posts to be inspired from. 

7. @dabito

All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors

An international name, Dabito is the founder of Old Brand New, a creative studio specialising in design, art direction, branding, photography and brand partnerships. His creative use of colour, seamless mix of modern and vintage design elements and easy-to-replicate DIY approach to design has won him a cult status on Instagram.

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