5 Reasons Why You Need to Opt for Fire Retardant Plywood
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Opt for Fire Retardant Plywood

Plywood has been the one of the best-known new-age materials known to mankind mainly because of its versatility. With the right amount of rigidity and flexibility that it offers, architects and designers are convinced that the potential of plywood is indefinite when it comes to creating masterpieces made of wood. And even though plywood has been kind to the furniture in every way; adding to their look and longevity; the journey for these stunning engineered materials has just begun. Science has been constantly enhancing the existing things on the planet and plywood hasn’t been quite bereft of its inquisitive nature. Fire-retardant plywood is a gift of these constant researches and we’re about to find out why mankind should feel obliged towards this discovery.

Reduces the chances of fire:

Unfortunate events like a fire-related accident don't knock your door beforehand. These aftereffects of these incidents can lead to extreme trauma, and loss of property. And thus, it is always said that precaution is better than cure. One of the best safety measures that you can safeguard in your home is the fire retardant plywood.  The low-flammability nature of the fire-retardant plywood lowers the chances of spark or ignition. The plywood is made with an innovative approach and advanced technology. It's nano-engineered particles impart low-flammability properties. It is treated for flammability which reduces the chances of fire-accidents in your home or office.

Gives them time to escape a fire-accident:

A major problem during fire disasters is escaping the space. The furniture catches fire so quickly that it almost becomes impossible to rescue. To solve this problem, fire retardant plywood by brands like CenturyPly, delay the spread of fire on the surface of a material by 35 minutes. The chemical treatment embedded in the plywood stays composed in structure even after the plywood is entirely burnt down. It takes over 50 minutes for flames to penetrate through a sheet of a fire retardant plywood. These added minutes are like a sweet gift from heaven when such incidents occur. Your loved ones and you get the time to escape safely well before the plywood walls disintegrate down to ashes.

Weather-resistant and waterproof:

Fire-retardant plywood not only ensures safety from fire but also does that while also being waterproof and weather-resistant in nature. FR grade plywood is manufactured by a team of experts and professionals to make them more than just fire retardant or more than just weather-resistant. The best water-proof plywood in India could now also be fire-resistant and this has been possible due to the advanced technology employed in the manufacturing sector. FR plywood makes the most ideal plywood for offices or restaurants where fire-activities are undertaken frequently but the water exposure is also high.

Borer and Termite proof:

Borer and termites, though small, are capable of causing huge damages to the furniture pieces that you make with all your heart. Reading this itself sounds scary. Now, imagine getting a  plywood that fights borer and termite as efficiently as it fights fire. This fire-retardant plywood from the house of CenturyPly is treated with chemical properties that makes this FR grade plywood operational on both the fronts. This aspect of fire-resistant plywood makes them a popular choice of architects while designing offices, restaurants and homes. Moreover, to free you from any worry, this plywood also comes with a guaranteed warranty against any infestation attack.

Low smoke generation and low emission:

The emission of smoke and toxic gases during a fire accident leads to extreme suffocation, which in turn hinders the evacuation process. Technological advancements have resulted in Fire-resistant chemicals enhancing the ply’s ability to generate low smoke emission so that the toxic gases like Carbon dioxide emitted from burning wood, can be cut down manifolds. This ensures that you and your loved ones make it out of any fire-accident, safely.

These properties of fire-retardant plywood make them the absolute choice for homes, offices, or restaurants where chances of fire are high.

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