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DO-IT-YOURSELF: Sturdy & Budget Friendly Furniture

Posted on September 22, 2015

We all need furniture that is sturdy, looks trendy yet one that does not dig a deep hole in the pocket. Apart from all the regular furniture that we need in our day to day lives, are those that we seek as décor accessories. Storage & display shelves, book cases, cabinets are certain furniture pieces that we can even do without. But to induce an aesthetic appeal to our home, we do include them in the list of must haves.
Long lasting and value for money are the two prime factors that we look forward while deciding on a furniture piece. The idea to follow here is to go for a DIY. There is nothing flashy here, just simple designs that work in a variety of ways and complement a variety of styles, such that you can utilize them in different corners of your home. This concept is widely popular in western countries and is even catching up fast here in India. You need to have a basic idea of the stuff you are about to make, (may be a picture) basic carpentry skills and loads of patience apart from the raw material required for each project.
Let me take you on a DIY ride across three furniture pieces that are basic, simple and easy .By using a little skill and creativity one can have multipurpose usage of the same items.
These items are made from Plywood. Plywood is a type of strong thin wooden board consisting of two or more layers glued and pressed together with the direction of the grain alternating.

A Book Case
This is a simple DIY. 11 Plywood pieces cut in neat & precise dimension serves as a bookcase. The result is a sturdy and light piece of furniture, not to heavy on your pocket.
This is just an idea. You can always use your imagination to remodel the size and design to your choice.

A Cabinet
This can be a multi utility furniture piece. It can be used in your bedroom as a night stand or simply as a cabinet to store essentials too. You have the choice to keep it anywhere in your home and it will look stunning. It is made out of pure bond plywood in birch. You have to start with the frame and then attach dividers inside. For more info and to get the perfect idea visit the following link.

Some stains and paint of your choice to give it the right look and you have your furniture ready!

Go ahead and make them your conversation starters and when your guests realize, it is not a branded pricey stuff; they will admire you for your ingenuity.

A T.V Stand
This is a brilliant example to use strips of plywood. The idea is definitely a must try. Just cut and group together different sizes of plywood to make this console which can host all your media needs. The open spaces you provide can be according to the dimensions of your media necessities you are going to keep. Your budget friendly piece is ready.
For better information refer
Want to see more of this. Buy plywood and get going to make a sofa

Do you get the idea here?  It is a simple design with clean lines. Perfect contemporary furniture I must say!

Once you get started with this DIY furniture activity, there can be no stopping you. Have fun and stay tuned for the next post.

Disclaimer: None of the designs are mine. The post only attempts to provide an idea for all DIY enthusiasts to create pieces of their own.

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